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Oracle General Ledger Integration

Posted on February 25th, 2008 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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Oracle General Ledger is one of the core product of EBS suite, and this is Integrated with almost every segment within EBS.Here is a list of just some of the Financial ,manufacturing and Human Resource Management products that integrate with General Ledger. Typically the integration of General ledger in EBS can be best understood as:

GL Integration

The integration data information can be best understood as below:

double-arrowOracle Financial

  • Oracle Payables sends invoices, payments, realized gain and loss on foreign currency, and invoice price variance to GL.
  • Oracle Receivables sends invoices, payments, adjustments, debit memos, credit memos, cash, chargebacks, and realized gain and loss on foreign currency to GL.
  • Oracle Assets sends capital and construction in process asset additions, cost adjustments, transfers, retirements, depreciation, and reclassifications to GL.
  • Oracle Purchasing sends accruals or receipts not invoiced, purchase orders, final closes, and cancellations to GL.
  • Oracle Projects sends cost distribution of labor and non-labor costs, and project revenue to GL.
  • Oracle Treasury sends revaluation and accrual entries to GL.
  • Oracle Property Manager sends revenues and expenses related to real estate to GL.
  • Oracle Lease Management sends accounting distributions related to leases, such as bookings of contracts, accruals, asset dispositions, terminations, and adjustments for multi-GAAP contracts to GL.

double-arrowOracle HRMS and Payroll

  • Oracle HR shares employee information with GL.
  • Oracle Payroll sends salary, deductions, and tax information to GL.

double-arrowOracle Manufacturing:

In terms of manufacturing this is Integrated as:

  • Oracle Inventory sends cycle counts, physical inventory adjustments, receiving transactions, delivery transactions, intercompany transfers, sales order issues, internal requisitions, sub-inventory transfers, and Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) to GL.
  • Work In Process(WIP) sends material issues or backflush from WIP to GL, along with completions, returns, resource and overhead transactions, and cost updates.
  • Oracle Labor Distribution normally sends salary costs to GL.

double-arrowOther Products

Oracle GL not only integrated with Application product, it does have capability to integrate with other products which is used for adhoc cum management Reporting, these tools are mostly.

  1. Business Intelligence/Analytic Solutions
  2. Enterprise Planning and Budgeting (EPB)
  3. Oracle Financial Services Applications (OFSA)
  4. Daily Business Intelligence (DBI)
  5. Activity-Based Management (OABM)
  • General Ledger’s integration with Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting (EPB) allows us to easily identify, analyze, model, budget, forecast, and report on information stored in our general ledger. Using Oracle GL to maintain and report on account balances throughout the accounting period, and use Financial Analyzer to analyze financial data, such as actual and budget balances, which is after closing the period. We can automatically transfer actual, budget, or encumbrance data, as well as functional, statistical, and foreign entered data from General Ledger to Financial Analyzer, which is on of requirement if company does have different management reporting approach. With financial Analyzer, we can perform sophisticated budgeting and modeling, make changes to budgets and write back budget data to a new budget in GL or to several budget versions for comparative reporting. We would also drill directly from EPB balances to balances and transactions in Oracle General Ledger. With this extended functionality your EPB users with immediate and direct access to GL data without having to run reports or account inquiries in GL, that makes process efficient without any extra step.
  • Oracle Financial Services Applications (OFSA) is a product suite that helps financial services institutions assess enterprise performance. This integration allows the transfer of General Ledger balances to OFSA to reconcile OFSA instrument tables, calculate transfer pricing of non-interest balance sheet items, or perform allocations. The results of OFSA allocation and transfer pricing results can then be transferred back to GL for posting and reporting.
  • The integration with Oracle Daily Business Intelligence (DBI) allows us to get a daily snapshot of company’s financial picture through its E-Business Suite Portals. This is achieved by over 200 pre-inbuilt Portals provide every user in the enterprise with the right information that they need, about every aspect of their business. This makes a centralized place to see the information spans across multiple applications in real time basis.
  • The integration with Oracle Activity Based Management (OABM) allows you to perform complex analysis on costs that are collected in General Ledger in a separate analysis environment—apart from your GL data. OABM is optimized to support multi-layer complex cost assignment rules, activity hierarchies, and complex product and service definitions in terms of activities with complete activity definitions.
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  1. EBP Says:

    EBP description under the other products has a mixup with Financial analyzer. does all the functionality of Financial analyzer available in EPB?

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