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LE/OU Question on Merger or De-Merger

Posted on August 10th, 2008 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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A reader query from Sreekanth Allamudi

checkmarkScenario’s :1

I Have

1. Business Group
2. Three Set of books US, UK & Mexico
3. Under US SOB, I’ve three legal entities (balancing segment is my legal entity)
4. I’ve operating units for each legal entity.


One of the legal entity is aquired by an other new Legal entity. We would like to move the data (open AP, open AR) into new legal Entity under the same set of books (US). What is the best practice and how do I go about in doing it. We’re in
Please advice.

I am assuming your LE is attached with your existing OU and in case of merging legal entities , you should do this

1) You need do setup New ORG
2) Then you need to extract Open Items into Interface Tables and Auto Invoice and book into your new OU. Applicable for AR Invoices and Credit Memos.Check how bank statement is coming into Oracle , as statement does not aware of some transaction during transition time.
3) Write Open Receipts into the Interim Cash Receipts tables. Then Post Quick Cash.
4) The GL Ledgers for the Old Organizations will need Adjusting otherwise you’ll double the balance.
5) Same things you need to do for AP open items.

But again, it depends upon how you are doing the setup within existing structure or new structure.Be careful when reloading that the signs on the values are correct and the GL Accounts are okay in distribution Lines. You need to take care of partial Paid Transactions and TAX.

Check it out the note for your COA and LE design

checkmarkScenario’s :2

Your company has decided to break (split an organization in two).

Lets see how receivable data into two organizations and you need to know how to accomplish moving all the transactions for specific customers to another organization.

From Oracle side, there is no ability to move transactions from one organization to another.The customer table is shared across all organizations, however the customer address table is specific to the organization you are in. The transactions your customer have are tied to the customer address table. You could not use Customer Merge to move the transactions because that is still within the same organization.

Read earlier post on Customer Merge

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