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Journal approval – Handling with Temp/Contract staff [ Customization Option ]

Do you know Oracle GL restricts Journal approval process to HR type "Employees" and this approval hierarchy is restrictive....

Business Senarios

Your Company GL team may hires accounting clerks as "temp staff" or "Contract staff", and if it is part of your business process to test workers in these roles before committing to hiring them full time. A main function of the clerk's role is to create and submit Journal Entries to a Manager for approval. This should be a simple process, but if such thing happen your DBA team must manually change each batch to route correctly to the manager.

Where this limitation came from
When the contract worker is submits a journal batch into the work flow, there is an error at the GL Approver Process stage due to no approver being linked
to the contract workers user.

The reason there isn't an approver showing up under the contract worker is due to the table Oracle pulls employees from GL_HR_Employees_current_V

This table is set to "e" = employees So, it only sees users set up as employees. The contract (or contingent) workers are set to "c", thus Oracle doesn't see them (or an approver tied to them) in the workflow.

If you would like for users set up in Oracle as a "Contract" or "Contingent" worker to be able to create and send Journal Entries/Batches to an "Employee" (an employee who is a manager) for approval, then either your HR should create a employee record in HR system(with Flagging] or you have to do a minor Customization in order to achieve.