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Cross Instance Data Transfer

Do you know, there is on feature called "Cross Instance Data Transfer" in GL which enables you to transfer subsidiary data to your remote parent instance over your corporate intranet. How it sounds..

Normally big enterprises manage their business operations in different database instances which need an automated way to transfer data from remote subsidiary database instances to a central consolidation database instance.Therefore this feature can be utilized for transferring Instance data.

Lets understand what you can do with this:

Therefore, the Global Consolidation System(GCS) facilitates the consolidation of data from remote subsidiary ledger database instances to a central consolidation database instance. Using db links, Global Consolidation System allows you to automatically transfer consolidation data from one instance to another, as well as optionally import and post the data automatically in the consolidation database instance.

This feature automates the entire process and also includes workflow notifications providing notification of the cross instance consolidation status. Global companies with operations on multiple database instances can use this feature to consolidate their subsidiaries in a more efficient and automated manner.

the next question in mind is what about security of this feature?

Therefore using this security, there is no need to re-enter your username and password every time you transfer consolidation data, saving time and redundancy. And, the username/password is now validated at the time you sign on to the EBS.

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