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Oracle Web ADI Information Query

Often at the time of working with Oracle Web ADIs, we want to know what all components are associated with it like Integrator, Layout, Mapping, Underlying PL/SQL procedure etc.

Also while migrating Web ADIs from one instance to another (in case of Installation upgrades, or from Development Instance to Production Instance), using FNDLOAD, we need to know each associated component of a Web ADI to migrate it completely.

<pre lang="plsql">

bit.application_id APP_ID,
bit.user_name INTEGRATOR_NAME,
bit.integrator_code INTEGRATOR_CODE,
blcv.layout_code INTEGRATOR_LAYOUT,
bm.mapping_code INTEGRATOR_MAPPING,
biv.interface_name API,
biv.upload_type TYPE,
bne_integrators_tl bit,
bne_layout_cols_v blcv,
bne_layouts_b bl,
bne_interfaces_vl biv,
bne_contents_vl BC,
bne_mappings_vl BM
AND biv.interface_code = blcv.INTERFACE_CODE
AND bit.integrator_code=bl.integrator_code
AND bit.integrator_code=bc.integrator_code
AND bit.integrator_code=bm.integrator_code
AND UPPER(bit.user_name) LIKE UPPER('<integrator USER name>')
</pre >

The query enables a you to reduce his time spent on analysis of a Web ADI. All that one should know is the name of the Integrator of the Web ADI. Even the end user (Business User) would know the name of the Integrator that they are using.