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11i Setup for LE & OU

Adding a New Operating Unit with LE , here are the steps you need to perform.


  1. Finalize the your organizational structure
  2. Finalize your COA Structure
  3. Finalize SOB criterion which depends on 3 C (Calendar , Chart of account and Currency)

A Note for your COA and LE design

The COA must recognize the real world that the business operates in, and the entities through which its operations are carried out. It must meet the basic requirement that it should provide all financial information by ‘real’ legal entities (as opposed to organizational classifications of business units, divisions etc.). It also allows us to capture information along the dimension by which we hold ourselves out to the real world, and is extremely useful for tax and statutory reporting. The ‘real’ legal entity must be a balancing segment, i.e. it should be possible to extract a self balancing chart of accounts by legal entity. This may not be a requirement for a business division where BS (balance sheet) elements may not be shared and separate information may be required only for the P & L (Profit and Loss) accounts.

Oracle Setup (11i)

Start with these setups

  1. Define HR Locations
    • HRMS > Work Structures > Locations
  2. Define Business Group
    • HRMS > Work Structures > Organization
  3. Defining Currencies
    • Setup > Currencies>Define
  4. Define Value Sets for Accounting Key Flex Field
    • Set up >Financials > Flex-fields> Validation> Sets
  5. Period Types
    • Setup > Financials > Calendar > Types
  6. Accounting Calendar
    • Setup > Calendar > Accounting
  7. Define Sets of Books
    • Setup > Financials > Books > Define
  8. Define Organizations
    HRMS > Work Structures > Organization
    • Define Legal Entity : Create Legal entity.To be defined IN "Inventory responsibility"
    • Define Operating Unit. :Create operating unit.To be defined IN "Inventory responsibility"
  9. Set Profile Options
    • Profile Option: HR : Business Group at responsibility level
    • Profile Option: HR : Security profile at responsibility level
  10. Define Relationships
  11. Create Responsibilities specific to OU
  12. Profile Option: MO: Operating Unit at site and responsibility level
  13. DBA activity for Enabling Multi-Org by Running AD Admin Tool(if you are doing first time)
  14. DBA activity required to submit concurrent request for populating seed data
    • You need to verify the data is created or not in after step 15..
  15. Setup for Application Products ie sub ledgers(AR,AP..)
  16. Secure Balancing Segment Values : this is optional step.
  17. Implement Document Sequencing (optional)
  18. Set the top reporting level (optional).

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