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What Do We Mean by Tailoring in FusionApps

Those who are coming from EBS background, might aware of these terms.

In OracleFusion Application World , Business Needs not satisfied by the default functionality can be added to a separate metadata repository, using “threecustomization/extensibility processes:

  1. Personalizations – User Level changes to the user interface, using Page Composer
  2. Runtime Customizations and Extensions – Business Analysts could make changes for all or a subset of users for certain business objects, defining security for new objects and customization of reports
  3. Design Time Customizations and Extensions - Oracle Jdeveloper is used to make customizations to more complex changes that cannot be done by personalizations or runtime customizations. Changes could be adding new functionality or an entirely new application

The extensibility of Oracle Fusion Applications is important for customers to understand for three fundamental reasons:


You can find more details in these two documentation.