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 Oracle Fusion Applications (OFA) is a portfolio of next generation suite of software applications from Oracle Corporation. It is distributed across various product families; including financial management, human capital management, customer relationship management, supply chain management, procurement, governance, and project portfolio management
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Oracle Fusion Procurement

Posted on March 17th, 2011 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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First Release of procurement process is focusing on indirect procurement ie, providing purchasing, self-service procurement, sourcing, procurement contracts, and supplier portal and spend analysis. Based out Oracle E-Business Suite data model there is significant Fusion Procurementchanges which you can see as the introduction of center-driven procurement, which supports centralized and local centers of category expertise. Spend analysis leverages Oracle Essbase to provide multidimensional and what-if analysis for Budgeting and Planning team.

Procurement comprises of the five key modules as highlighted below.

  1. Purchasing : very similar to Oracle PO model , with same Buyer agents concept. This agent have access for Requisition pool, Negotiation Center and other available functionalities, very similar to EBS PO.
  2. Self Service Procurement : aka e-procurement or called iproc (old Self Service Procurement (SSP). Except the feature like Requisition builder, an easy to use shop.
  3. Sourcing : This is tightly integrated with the OBIEEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Suite).
  4. Procurement Contracts :Procurement Contract supports the basic business processes of the procurement contract life cycle. This not only enhances the ability of buying organizations to manage these stages by adding sophisticated contract management and compliance features to Purchasing, Sourcing, and Supplier Portal. The Terms library happens to be the work area which would serve as a centralized repository for all your contract terms and related definitions. The major change which we see here is “Clause Analysis”.
  5. Supplier Portal..similar to what you have iSupplier in EBS , ie one-stop shop for defining Suppliers/Importing them into your organization .

dgreybarrow Key Highlights over EBS Procurement

In addition to the module specific features we have some generic features which are specific to procurement product family –

1. BU Concept – Business Unit (BU) is the term used in Fusion against OU (Operating Units) as in the current release.

  • This support for Distinct Requisitioning,Procurement, and Sold-to Business Units (BU)
  • Shared Agreement Management, Catalogs and Pricing, and Standard Processes

2. Document Change Management – A key feature which makes sure that a base document is always available with a user (Buyer/Catalog Manager/Requestor) for disposal. some of key things in this area are

  • Maintains Complete Document Change History
  • Differentiates Administrative Changes from Supplier Revisions
  • Initiator Sensitive Approval Routing
  • Revert to Previously Approved Version
  • Supplier Rejections During Acknowledgment

3. Role Based Dashboards – RBAC (Role Based Access Control) has been made broadened when security of Fusion Apps is concerned with a clear distinction on “Who” does “What”. This also empower user for

  • Summary of All Items Requiring User Attention
  • Personalized Worklists and Intelligent Watchlists
  • Consolidated View Across All Procurement Applications

4. Order Life Cycle Management – In the entire P2P (Procure 2 Pay) cycle a document may be linked to many other purchasing and other documents (Ex: Invoice). Now Fusion has provided better visibility to users through one-stop access to all the related documents. Reduce fulfillment cycles and avoid supply disruptions which improves A/P efficiency & creates working capital opportunities

5. Unified Approvals – All approval are very similar to EBS workflow based approvals. If you are coming from EBS , existing process for approval has been redefined with existing features as below:

  • Single Approval Technology Across the Entire Procurement Suite
  • Support for Rules Based Approvals, Ad-hoc Approvers, FYI Notifications,and Graphical Approval View
  • Business Intelligence and Web Service Extensibility

dgreybarrow Fusion Procurement Applications V1

Fusion Procurement Applications V1 being the first set of release, there are certain functionalities which customers will have to manage through workaround till subsequent releases come through.

  1. No Internal Order Functionality
  2. No provisions for Budgetary control
  3. No manufacturing execution capability

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