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Fusion Application Security

Oracle Fusion Applications is very secure and security approach consists of tightly coordinating the following aspects of security.

The Oracle Fusion Applications security approach supports a reference implementation of roles and security policies that address common business needs.

Fusion Application Security Architecture

As a first step, you need to understand what security capabilities are offered by Fusion Application. The figure below illustrates the Fusion Application Security .

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As per architecture you can see lot many security tools are been used . some of them as:

  1. Single Sign on
    • Oracle Access Manager (OAM)
  2. Identity Management Tools
    • Oracle Identity Manager (OIM)
    • OIM SPML Interface
    • Identity Governance Framework (IGF)
    • Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD)
    • Oracle Internet Directory (OID)
  3. Authorization Management tools
    • Authorization Policy Manager (APM)