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Oracle EBS Report Manager

Posted on May 9th, 2008 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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dgreybarrow-2 What is Report Manager?

In Oracle EBS “report manager” is a product that has been offered to manage your reporting needs.

Report Manager is basically a secure point-in-time report repository offering centralized management and distribution of reports.

There are different levels of access that you can assign to reports that are generated by the Report Manager.

You can tie these access rights to your department assignments, to employees, or can build your own.

The report manager reports are stored in the database and can be published to a wider audience. The good is that you can manage access/availability to multiple groups of people. This is run as a menu option from the main menu of a specific application (AP, AR, etc.).

dgreybarrow-2Report Manager benefits

  • You can access business information from a central site using a standard browser
  • You can provide that reports are with proper access
  • You can store and distribute ANY type of report or file
  • Preview reports prior to mass distribution

dgreybarrow-2 R12 Report Manager

The Report Manager seeded functions need to be assigned manually by the System administrators to appropriate responsibilities based on the types of reports a user submits and publishes in their job. For example, a system administrator might assign the Financial Report Template Editor and Financial Report Submission functions to an existing General Ledger responsibility already used for submitting Financial Reports by General Ledger users.Report Manager

The seeded Report Manager functions are:

  • Standard Report Submission
  • Security Workbench
  • Repository Management
  • Financial Report Submission
  • Upload File
  • Variable Report Submission
  • Financial Report Template Editor
  • Ad Hoc FSG Submission
  • Define Report Set Publishing Options
  • Report Set Presentation Options
  • Define Request Set Publishing Options
  • Request Set Presentation Options

dgreybarrow-2 Release 12, ADI & Report Manager

In Applications Release 12, WebADI and Report Manager must be used instead of ADI, as client/server ADI is not supported for that release. Also in Release 12 the WebADI functionality for GL is integrated into the standard GL menu structures. These functions are ‘Launch Journal Wizard’, ‘Launch Budget Wizard’, and the spreadsheet upload of Currency Rates, via ‘Currency Rates Manager’.

dgreybarrow-2 When To Use Report Manager(Implementation consideration)

This is very important to understand when offering to customer for this product. Oracle Report Manager you need to:

  • Provide a centralized report distribution system for point-in-time reports.
  • Submit and publish Financial Statement Generator (FSG), Ad Hoc FSG, Variable Format, and Standard reports to a central repository.
  • Present reports in the repository to information consumers via menu items on the Oracle E-Business Suite Home page or portal.
  • Approve reports before making them available for general viewing.
  • Permit report availability in a future time frame.
  • View spreadsheets or PDF files for further analysis.
  • Secure reports by utilizing three security paradigms: User to Value, custom, and flex field segment.
  • Archive reports for future reference that no longer need to be displayed to report consumers.
  • Publish reports that have been submitted as part of request sets or report sets.
  • Upload any type of file and publish it to a central repository.
  • Reports in the repository can then distributed to the Oracle E-Business Suite home page.
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9 Responses
  1. Ramg Says:


    Saw your article on Report manager. Would request you to elaborate further on the following.

    Drill Down Functionality for FSG Reports if availaible

    with best regards

  2. mahesh Says:

    i would like to know, how FSG’s can be taken, and enhanced w/ report manager, and WEB ADI.

  3. Skapila Says:

    Yes, ramg the drill down functionality is available with Report Manager. You have to first make a Web ADI template from the template editor and while loading the web template back make sure you click the enable drill down button and then once you have done this…just use the same template to publish any FSG report via RM and there you have it.

  4. R12 Report Manager goes user-friendly | OracleApps Epicenter Says:

    […] Report Manager […]

  5. Noel Cook Says:

    When you publish reports to the Report Repository, how do you get the reports to be secured based on the security for the Responsibility that is viewing it? Also, does that then reduce the LOV to just the ones that responsibility has available to them?

  6. Bill Plette Says:

    I note that the last 5 seeded Report Manager functions do not appear on the menu. So they are seeded exactly where? Thanks.

  7. Skapila Says:

    Most useless product from Oracle ever!!! I already hate it. It is so complicated and SOOO not user friendly.

  8. Ramg Says:

    Hi all,

    Thanks for all your comments. However it would be great if more could be elaborated on the drilldown functionality in the FSG Report.


  9. mark Says:

    Is it true you can drill down through report manger to standard reports like Trial Balance – detail?

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