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AutoCAD – Oracle Property Manager Interaction

Do you know, companies with a significant number of properties under management should make use of a Computer Aided Design (CAD) or Computer-assisted facilities management (CAFM) applications to hold engineering drawings of their buildings.These systems will know the floor space of each unit. The salient information from these drawings can be extracted and uploaded directly to Oracle Property Manager. Modified data can be exported from Oracle to update the CAD/CAFM databases.

Transfering information between Property Manager and CAFM applications..

You can transfer information between Property Manager and CAFM applications by exporting and importing information through Oracle's Space Open Interface

If the data in your CAD or CAFM application follows BOMA standards for space measurement, no special implementation procedures are required.

If your CAD data follows Internation Facilities Management Association (IFMA) standards, you can set up Property Manager at the time of implementation to import your CAD data.

The export and import processes initiate a concurrent process in Property Manager. When the process completes you can access the information in either Property Manager or the CAFM application.

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