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Oracle API Availability – Cash Management

Posted on July 14th, 2007 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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In the Oracle API Availability, here is note for Availability in Oracle cash Management.

handBank Statement

Bank Statements Open Interface: Before reconciliation of transactions against a bank statement, information about the statement needs to be entered into the Cash Management system. If the bank provides this information in a flat file, the open interface is used to load the data. Data is loaded by programs written in SQL loader; one program for each type of file provided. The Oracle interface tables to be populated are CE_STATEMENT_HEADERS_INT_ALL, containing header information about the bank statement, and CE_STATEMENT_LINES_INTERFACE, containing the statement line information. The header file contains one record for every account in the bank statement.
Receipts and payments originating in non-Oracle systems can be reconciled in the Cash Management system using the Reconciliation open interface. However, the open interface view, CE_999_INTERFACE_ V, and open interface package, CE_999_PKG, provided by Oracle, need to be customized first. The Cash Management program automatically retrieves the necessary information from the open interface view for matching statement lines. (The Reconciliation Open Interface is not run as a separate program.)

Normally, the CE_999_INTERFACE_V is defined as a view to the legacy application’s database, and implemented to show all open interface transactions and their status. The view should include available transactions as well as reconciled transactions to bank statements that have not been purged or archived. The CE_999_PKG needs to be customized to access the non-oracle database, lock all transactions and perform any clearing functions so that the open transactions are in sync in both the Oracle and legacy databases. Once the view and package are modified and complete, the Reconciliation program is ready to be run. The reconciliation can be done automatically or manually, as required.

Auto reconciliation: The auto reconciliation program is used to automatically reconcile any bank statement in Oracle Cash Management, assuming the bank statement has been imported into the Cash Management system (a different version of this program does the import of the bank statement, if required). Once the reconciliation program is run, the auto reconciliation Execution Report is reviewed to identify any reconciliation errors that need to be corrected. This report is produced automatically, or can be run, whenever needed.

Manual reconciliation: Manual reconciliation can be used to reconcile any bank statement, whether imported or entered manually. In addition, new bank statement lines can be created while reconciling transactions, as well as update the reconciliation information for a previously manually-or automatically-reconciled statement

handCash Forecasting
Cash forecasting is a planning tool that helps in anticipating the flow of cash in and out of the business, allowing the projection of cash needs and evaluating the company’s liquidity. The Cash Management Forecasting Open Interface allows the utilization of external sources of data as cash inflow and outflow data for flexible cash forecasting.

Two cash forecast source transaction types, Open Interface Inflow and Open Interface Outflow, allow inclusion of external application transaction sources for cash forecasting. Having two separate source transaction types for external source transactions gives an easy way to indicate whether the transaction source consists of cash receipts (inflow) or disbursements (outflow). The Forecasting Open Interface collects cash flow amounts from the external systems, and the Cash Forecasting module summarizes and calculates the data to be included in the cash forecasts along with other Oracle Applications data.

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  1. mahesh Says:

    Request for navigation to Account to Acocunt transfering funds.

  2. Anjan Says:


    Is there any chance the auto reconciliation execution report do not submit auto matically whenever the auto reconciliation program completes. Please provide me your coments on that it will be great help..


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