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Oracle Credit Management : No Case Folder Upon Credit Application Creation

Posted on March 13th, 2013 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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Oracle Credit Management gives you the information and tools you need to monitor and evaluate the creditworthiness of your customers and make informed credit decisions faster.


To create a new credit application, you must first enter your search criteria and then select the credit applicant . This procedure capitalizes on the data that you already maintain by automatically populating the credit application with basic information about the applicant.

When you open a new application , Credit Management automatically prefills the application with certain basic information from the account record that you selected, such as account name, account number, address, requestor name, and so on.

Only those parties (both customers and prospects) who are defined with the customer type of Organization are included in the search results.

If you select a customer at the top organization level, then data for all accounts that are related to the organization will be consolidated for the credit analysis. Or, if you select a specific customer account from the search results, then the data for all sites that are associated with the account will be consolidated.


When you create a credit application but do not get a case folder, what should you do?

Look for script wfstatus.sql (You can find the wfstatus.sql under $FND_TOP/sql/wfstatus.sql) , to get information about what may have occurred with the creation of your case folder during the workflow process.

In this script , the first parameter is the itemtype.

  • The itemtype for Oracle Credit Management (OCM) is ARCMGTAP.
  • The second parameter is the itemkey. There are two ways to get the itemkey:

If you check the workflow status and see that there is an error existing for your process, you can see the itemkey as part of the error.

For example, if your error looks something like this:

AR_CMGT_WF_ENGINE.IMPLEMENT_RECOMMENDATION(ARCMGTAP, 100424, Error while applying Removing Hold for Party : 76902 Cust Account id 107716 Site Use Id ONTOE_HOLDS_AUTHORIZATION_FAILEDACTIONRelease, ORA-0000: normal successful completion) Wf_Engine_Util.Function_Call(ar_cmgt_wf_engine.implement_recommendation, ARCMGTAP, 100424, 158878, RUN)

  • You will see both the itemtype = ARCMGTAP and right next to it the itemkey = 100424 < /FONT > .

If you do not see any errors, next step for you is to get the itemkey by using the CREDIT_REQUEST_ID using this query.

where APPLICATION_NUMBER = ‘&number’;
< /FONT >


  1. Make sure the checklist actually exists for the credit classification and review type provided in the application.
  2. In some cases checklist exists but it may not be submitted. It may only be saved. It is also possible it may be end dated.
  3. Make sure credit assignment rules are assigned to the profile class/customer/bill to location.
  4. It is possible that your customer has multiple currency transaction rates for which currency exchange rates must be missing.
  5. Your checklist/scoring model to the checklist may have and additional customized data point for which setup may be incorrect.
  6. Workflow activities may have been stopped. Please run Workflow background process for item type “AR: Credit Management Application Process
  7. In case of credit review from order management review type will be common ‘Order Hold’ for all applications hence there should be a checklist for these review type with customer applicable credit classification.
  8. Some things may be mandatory to be provided in application like bank references, trade references, financial data etc. which may not be provided while submitting application. This mandatory data is required for the checklist created.
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