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Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER)

A couple of readers have asked clarification for confusion over the other Repository terminology Oracle Integration Repository [1] IREP [1] with Oracle Enterprise Repository OER, therefore this post will help to understand two different terminology.

What is it?

It is a metadata repository acting as a single source of truth for information surrounding SOA assets and their dependencies for:

Originally , this repository was part of BEA SOA Governance solution called AquaLogic Enterprise Repository(ALER) and came from the acquisition of Flashline. The Enterprise Repository you can get in Registry product bundle. Oracle offer a SOA Governance Suite bundle that includes a number of separate products.

Together, the reg and rep provide three things: Visibility, control and analytics

  1. Visibility into all SOA assets (these are basically Business processes, Services, XML schemas, Components, Applications, Models, Frameworks, Policies, etc.) and their relationships
    • Catalogue and Categories assets and services
    • What’s planned, in development, and already exists
    • Human-friendly shop-window for your IT and Services Portfolios
    • Dependency and impact Analysis
  2. Control :Automated workflow for control of the life cycle in alignment with architecture and policy
    • Asset Registration Workflow
    • Automated lifecycle progression
    • Policy management
    • Architecture standards
  3. Reporting via Analytics : This helps to get reuse, ROI and compliance .

Oracle Enterprise Repository Components

As mention these are basically AquaLogic, there have component with there same name.

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