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Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) and EBS – An Inside look

Posted on April 28th, 2009 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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Oracle ADF provides an easier way to develop, provides solution to many of the infrastructure needed and abstraction from the complex technologies.

In other word , you can say its development framework that simplifies development of Java EE-based SOA applications.

  • Abstract developers from technology complexities such as UI Components abstract from Ajax, Flash, Javascript, DOM
  • Provides end-to-end infrastructure solutions, like O/R Mapping, persistence, caching, controller, binding, UI framework, security
  • Easy way to use with jdeveloper

dgreybarrow Oracle ADF – High Level Architecture

The Fusion StackThis is the basic architecture of Oracle ADF is based of Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern.

An MVC application is separated into:

1) a model layer that handles interaction with data-sources and runs the business logic,

2) a view layer that handles the application user interface, and

3) a controller that manages the application flow and acts as the interface between the Model and the View layers

When it comes in Oracle Fusion Stack, this typically looks like figure below.

Here is what each of the components of ADF provides

  • ADF Faces Rich Client Components -UI components with built-in Ajax support
  • ADF Controller -Declarative definition of Web-pages and task flows
  • ADF Model -Declarative way to bind UI to business services
  • ADF Business Components -Reusable components to manage DB access and logic

dgreybarrow ADF Business Components

  • This is a framework that simplifies developing Java EE business services for developers familiar with 4GL tools, declarative development, and relational databases
  • Mapping database objects into Java
  • Provides the ability to define basic validation rules
  • Exploit the power of the database
  • Provides a rich event model, much like the triggers
  • One key aspect of ADF BC is that it provides a lot of functionality out of the box that save you coding. This helps
    • Query by example any field
    • Master/Detail coordination
    • List of values
    • Calculated fields
    • Various validations
    • Exposing SDO Web services
    • Range fetching
    • Transaction control
    • Locking mechanism
    • State management
    • All done declaratively without coding

dgreybarrowApplication Development Framework -benefits does it provide specifically for EBS

If you came from EBS background, here are the same benifits :

  • You will get Richer Web UIs – Typical you can graphs, Maps, Dashboards
  • Mobile Interfaces
  • Mash-up Oracle E-Business Suite with other applications
    • You can get Oracle E-Business Suite data into Oracle ADF applications
    • You can get Oracle ADF applications into Oracle E-Business Suite

dgreybarrow ADF Extensions with Oracle E-Business Suite

In order to Protect your investment in the future, and co-exist with Fusion Applications, ADF Extensions exist with Oracle E-Business Suite. These extension are typicall help Navigation , Embedding Rich ADF content in EBS and accessing EBS data as mention is EBS benefits in previous section.

dgreybarrow ADF Extensions with Oracle E-Business Suite

FYI, here is the some of key information on ADF Extension [Adopted] from Navigation, Security and Session Management.

First is Navigation , here to go.

  • From Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle ADF
    • External ADF server profile option, FND_EXTERNAL_ADF_URL
    • Register ADF pages as ADFX-type functions with WEB_HTML call as “GWY.jsp?targetPage=<URL for ADF page>”
    • Put functions in EBS menus or permission sets
    • This required EBS12.1.3
  • Oracle ADF to Oracle E-Business Suite
    • Construct RF URL for a given EBS Page
    • Generate the RF.jsp URL to the EBS function using FND_RUN_FUNCTION.get_run_function_url

In Security , here are ADF extensions mostly used for EBS Authentication and Authorization – JAAS, which helps to

  • Protect your application using EBS Security Model
  • Use EBS Credentials (Username/password)
  • Authorize only certain Roles/Responsibilities

where are in Session Management

  • Use Session variables between EBS and ADF such as Language and User
  • If you log out from ADF, EBS session should also log out, and vice versa
  • Transaction Management with EBS and ADF
  • Timeouts between EBS and ADF sessions

where for Accessing E-Business Suite Data, extension are there for both the options as:

  • SOAP Services – Loose Coupling (preferred technology)
    • From SOA Suite, you can use Apps Adapter
    • Integrated SOA gateway for Native Services
  • Public API’s from E-Business Suite – Tight coupling
    • Use Apps Data Source
    • Access any Public API in Integration Repository

dgreybarrow Learning ADF

If you starter, you start understanding subject from these Oracle tutorials.

The more information you can obtain from Oracle ADF Finder

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