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Multi-channel campaign management

Multichannel campaign management aka MCCM is all about interacting and communicating with prospects and customers across a range of different online and offline channels.

Campaign may have both way digital and traditional.

Digital is most enabled with the use of internet technology like email, mobile marketing, website engagement and social media is consider as
where as traditional marketing are typically have such channels as direct mail or point-of-sale interaction.

MCCM is part of Integrated marketing management - where both sides of marketing function operations and the campaign management functions, are aligned, synchronized, and efficiently adding value to each other.

Multi-Channel Campaign Management (MCCM) mostly deal with

IBM-Unica, SAS, Teradata-Aprimo and Oracle(Siebel) are consider to be good vendors in the multichannel campaign management tools.

Last Year, Oracle added Siebel Campaign Management and analytics solutions on Oracle Exadata Database Machines for performance improvements to data warehousing and query processing for segmentation and data mining scoring.

One of the Oracle aquisition ATG to incorporate digital marketing capability into its offerings (by start leveraging Siebel Marketing and Real-Time Decisions (RTD) integration for offer management/decision capability with integrated Web content.)