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Before start of this intrested topic, lets have some basics with Q & A.

Q.-What is Business Process?

"A business process is a set of linked activities performed by people and systems that deliver some kind of value through a product or service to internal or external customers."

A simplest example is : Ex: bringing a new employee onboard or receiving an order form from a customer

Q.-What is Business Process Management?

BPM is defined as a strategy for managing and improving the performance of a business through continuous optimization of business processes in a closed loop,cycle of modeling, execution,and measurement.

Q. Then What is Oracle BPM suite...

The Oracle BPM Suite provides an integrated environment for developing, administering, and using business applications centered on business processes.

The Oracle BPM Suite enables you to create process models based on standards with user-friendly applications.

It also enables collaboration between process developers and process analysts.

Oracle BPM supports BPMN 2.0 and BPEL across the process lifecycle starting from modeling and implementation to run time and monitoring.

The Oracle BPM Suite provides a seamless integration of all stages of the application development life cycle from design-time and implementation to run-time and application management.

The Oracle BPM Suite is layered on the Oracle SOA Suite and shares many of the same product components, including:

Oracle BPM 11g

Simplifies achieving process management success by delivering a complete solution with a unified process foundation, user-centric design, and social BPM interaction via

This simplifies achieving process management success by delivering a complete solution with a unified process foundation, user-centric design, and social BPM interaction as figure 1 ( source oracle.com)

Fig 1: Oracle BPM suite 11G

BPM Technical Architecture

In order to perform four key things like

Oracle BPM Architecture is best described as

Fig 2:Oracle BPM Architecture

whereas Oracle BPM 11g Technical Architecture is best described as per fig 3.

Fig 3: BPM Suite 11G Technical Architecture

Meet some of Key things for Oracle BPM Suites


The Oracle Business Process Composer is a web-based application that enables business users to collaborate with process developers and designers.

The Oracle Business Process Composer:

  • Provides a user friendly environment for composing processes and process templates.
  • Enables process analysts to create process blueprints, which are initial drafts of a process that can be used by process developers as a starting point for implementation in Oracle BPM Studio.
  • Enables certain users to edit business rules at run time. This is important because policies tend to evolve faster that business processes.


This is rich and customizable task and worklist interface

This give a high productivity for end-users to manage their tasks

Custom views, processing rules and simple administration for worklist tasks


Business Process Analytics enables you to monitor the performance of your deployed processes.

It measures the key performance indicators in your project and stores them in pre-defined cubes in the database that enable you to analyze the data in multiple perspectives


Oracle BPM Studio is a component of the Oracle BPM Suite that enables process developers to create process-based applications.

This enables process analysts and developers to model and simulate business processes.

Oracle BPM Studio comes with Oracle JDeveloper IDE and shares the JDeveloper user interface elements used by the Oracle SOA Suite.

The JDeveloper environment can be customized based on the role selected by the user.

Oracle BPM Studio includes the Analyst Role which only includes process design elements that are useful to business analysts.

Process developers who need access to the complete functionality of the Oracle BPM and SOA Suites should use the default role.

Next post we will be on Roles and Responsiblity used in BPM