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Guest Post: : Its all about BPEL (Business Process Execution Language)

Posted on January 28th, 2008 by Hub Contributor ||Email This Post Email This Post

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dgreybarrowBPEL Concepts

BPEL aka Business Process Execution Language is a programming abstraction that allows developers to compose multiple discrete Web Services into an end-to-end process flow. It has built-in support for asynchronous interactions, flow control and compensating business transactions. It integrates with XPath, XSLT and XQuery for XML data manipulation

BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) has emerged as the clear standard for composing multiple synchronous and asynchronous services into collaborative and transactional process flows. BPEL benefits from the years of research poured into its predecessor languages, XLANG and WSFL.

  • Web Services/WSDL as component model
  • XML as data model (data loose-coupling)
  • Sync. and async. message exchange patterns
  • Deterministic and non-deterministic flow coordination
  • Hierarchical exception management
  • Long-running unit of work/compensation

dgreybarrow BPEL Process Manager

The Oracle BPEL Process Manager provides a developer-friendly and reliable solution for designing, deploying and managing BPEL business processes.

The BPEL Designer provides a graphical and user-friendly way to build BPEL processes. Most important thing about the Oracle BPEL Designer is that it uses BPEL as its native format. This means that processes built with the Designer are portable and in addition it enables developers to view and modify the BPEL source at any time.

The core BPEL engine provides the most mature, scalable and robust implementation of a BPEL servers. The Oracle BPEL Process Manager executes standard BPEL processes and provides a “dehydration” capability so that the state of long-running flows is automatically maintained in a database, enabling clustering for both fail-over and scalability. The BPEL Server leverages an underlying J2EE application server, with support for most major commercial application servers and a bundled version available.

The Built-in integration services enable advanced connectivity and transformation capabilities from standard BPEL processes. These capabilities include support for XSLT and XQuery transformation. Workflow is provided as a built-in BPEL service to enable the integration of people and manual tasks into BPEL flows. The JDeveloper BPEL Designer provides wizards to build these complex workflows and a simple GUI to map transformations.

BPEL Process Manager

Figure 1 BPEL Process Manager

The extensible WSDL binding framework enables connectivity to protocols and message formats other than SOAP. Bindings are available for Java, JMS, email, JCA, HTTP GET and POST and many other protocols enabling simple connectivity to hundreds of back-end systems. WSIF allows you bind directly and transparently to any backend protocol or programming construct, so you get the benefits of a loosely-coupled Web services architecture with the performance and transactionality of native protocols.

The BPEL Console provides a mature web-based interface for management, administration and debugging of processes deployed to the BPEL server. Audit trails and process history/reporting information is automatically maintained and available through the BPEL Console

[This post is written by guest author. Author is a technical consultant worked for 7 yrs in Oracle Technical domain with one of Big 4 consulting company . His Focus area is Integration , interfacing within EBS]

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