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EDI & E-Business Suite – Part II

Posted on February 15th, 2007 by anand |Print This Post Print This Post |Email This Post Email This Post

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This is a continuation of last article for EDI, here are the add-on details for most of the EDI been offered within E-Business suite. More importantly, the two different widely acceptable standards are mostly used in different continent. For example the in North America and Canada ASC X12 is widely accepted across industry where as well as Europe and Asia has EDIFACT as preferred standards.

Now, here is the extensive list of EDI with categorization with E business suite module wise.

Oracle Purchasing

  • Outbound 850/ORDERS
  • Outbound 860/ORDCHG
  • Inbound 832/PRICAT
  • Inbound 843/QUOTES
  • Inbound 856/857/DESADV
  • Outbound 824/APERAK

Order Management

  • Inbound 850/ORDERS
  • Inbound 875/ORDERS
  • Outbound 855/ORDRSP
  • Inbound 860/ORDCHG
  • Outbound 865/ORDRSP


  • Outbound 856/DESADV


  • CUSDEC (No ASCX12 equivalent)


  • Inbound 810/INVOIC
  • Outbound 820/PAYORD-REMADV
  • Outbound 824/APERAK


  • Outbound 810/INVOIC
  • Outbound 812/DEBADV-CREADV

Supplier Scheduling

  • Outbound 830/DELFOR
  • Outbound 862/DELJIT

Release Management

  • Inbound 830/DELFOR
  • Inbound 862/DELJIT
  • Inbound 866 (No EDIFACT equivalent)

Hope this helps a fair idea about the EDI messaging usage in EBS suite. Will write couple of more article under this head for setting up EDI message in EBS Suite with one business case.

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2 Responses
  1. Rakesh Says:

    Could you please write an article giving an example / business case showing the configuration in Oracle EDI

  2. mukesh Says:

    if any material regarding abt useage of the EDI and features with screen shots

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