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eCommerce Gateway

There are are the two out-of-box integration capabilities for E2E available in Oracle Applications:

if you are new about EDI , refer to this post [1]

Oracle E-Commerce Gateway

eCommerce Gateway enables to expose internal business objects in a standardized format thus the trading partners integrate with the external business objects to send/receive information to/from Oracle E-Business Suite”

A typical Transactional Flow can be best understood as in context of Ecommerce Gateway is as below:


Oracle e-Business Suite in conjunction with Oracle e-Commerce Gateway supports 23 EDI transactions. Oracle e-Business Suite generates and consumes ASCII flat files.

The ASCII flat files are sent to/received from a third party EDI translator who transforms the flat file content into the ASC X12 or EDIFACT equivalent. ASC X12 is the EDI standard for North America and Canada. EDIFACT is the EDI [1] standard for Europe and Asia.

Next we will have a look on XML gateway.