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EBS Maximum Attachment Size

When you are trying to upload any attachment in EBS via iProc or iexpense or isupplier or istore, Take a note there is no limit to the file size of an attachment; however, the 2-4 GB limitation of a LOB could be considered the limitation of an attachment file.

You can also limit the file size by setting the Profile Option on site level:

'Upload File Size Limit'

Normally, any file upload within OA Framework observes this profile option value.

The 'Upload File Size Limit' profile option is being interpreted as bytes instead of kilobytes by the forms application.This profile option is being interpreted correctly by the framework interface but not interpreted correctly via the forms interface.

It specifies the maximum allowable file size in KB for uploaded attachments.For example, if the limit is 2MB, this value should be set to 2000.