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Some Regulatory issue Finance Q & A

Posted on July 18th, 2008 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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checkmarkDo you know: How many different regulatory regimes of different countries handled by EBS?

The EBS Financials applications include 56 country localizations* to deal with individual regularity requirements. Not only in addition to this due to the flexibility of the applications these are incorporate reporting/duality requirements within GL structures but also FA (Fixed Assets) can manage multiple accounting treatments.

Moreover, the tax procedures are different for each country. From R12 onward there is separate module called E business Tax, which can handle different tax procedures satisfying the need of local or global regulatory need.

checkmarkDo you Know : How ERP products analyzed in different ways depending upon the requirement, e.g. management accounts, statutory GAAP,FSA, local GAAP, US GAAP wise..

Lets take about Oracle, we have concept of rollups and parents so whilst the underlying “leaf/Children” codes might exist on all the countries chart of accounts they are rolled up and totaled differently.This way the system supports unlimited structures and it enables different entities to be reported by any rollup.

Moreover, the dynamic insertion in GL Module supported feature ensure the analysis of new account codes is considered.

checkmarkDo you Know : Where can we include Off Balance Sheet items in the ledger?

In SAP this can be through memo records which appear in the Balance Sheet.

In Oracle , COA can also include statistical(STAT) balances in EBS.

checkmarkDo you know: How can a debtor account be reported in e.g. creditors in the balance sheet if it has a credit balance at the reporting date?(This question was asked by Controller who used SAP before moving to OracleApps)

In this case, if I am not wrong, EBS’s GL would only contain total debtors , as we donot have unitary ledger concept to separate accounts, and not seen in the GL at least till 11i.Correct me if wrong.

Catering the need for countries specific legislative requirements ,it is shown as a creditor then a reversing journal would be posted between debtor control credit balance account and creditor control debit balances . Moreover, the fact is Oracle system does not allow you direct postings to control accounts.

On checking with SAP Functionality, what is found is during the period end closing procedure provision to segregate the debit balances of creditors and credit balance of debtors.

* You need to check with Oracle Documentation if added recently in past one month.

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