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20 Minute Guide to get EBS Data Model Comparison

If you are technical consultant and working on Oracle Applications Upgrade projects (for any version >11.5.8 to 12.1.x) and have a large number of customized DB objects and reports (Tables, Views, Packages, ...etc), the biggest dilemma for you how and where to start. You know there lot many things changed conceptually but you are not really sure how DB objects changes in these latest and greatest version of your application affect your CEMLI's. Untill last last month, this was a really a lacking area but recently Oracle has documented(Note id: 1290886.1) all the table changes and published them via MySupport aka Metalink.

EBS Data Model Comparison Tool

This tool is in form of Report , which provides the database object definition changes between two EBS releases to help to preview the database object definition changes before upgrading their instances from one release to another and understand the impact of the database object changes that may affect the customization or business flows.

What is in Coverage

All DB Objects are covered in this report as..

Oracle Version for Report output

Untill this post, this report is being used for these Oracle Version.

Before start for tool usage

Steps for usage

  1. Download respective zip from metalink , presume you know your existing application and target application version.
  2. unzip the file into local directory.Open the file "DataModelComparisonReport.html" in your browser .
  3. Select the Product from LOV for which you want to see .

Once you selected the product and navigate to the database object definition differences for each supported database object type which is displayed in the bottom frame. Uppar part of report will give you high level summary for all DB changes.

If you can the details for any changes go to details and find in details sections , here is one for Pacakage .

Thats means , if you take a pacakge AP_CANCEL_PKG , that means one Function and one procudure is added and 6 existing procudure is taken out if you are coming from to 12.1.3

You should also note , there is one product appear as "MISC" in the product LOV, this exclusive for this reports nothing to deal with Oracle modules. All the products that exist in common schema is mapped with 'MISC' short code .