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Golden rules for a Successful Data Migration

Top 10 Key Tips for Successful Data Migration are:

  1. Scope - Clearly define the scope of the project.
  2. Profiling -Actively refine the scope of the project through targeted profiling and auditing.
  3. Volumn - Minimize the amount of data to be migrated.
  4. Documentation - Profile and audit all source data in the scope before writing mapping specifications.
  5. Time, cost - Define a realistic project budget and timeline, based on knowledge of data issues.
  6. Sign-offs -Secure sign-off on each stage from a senior business representative.
  7. Prioritize with a top-down, target-driven approach.
  8. Testing - Aim to volume-test all data in the scope as early as possible at the unit level.
  9. Allow time for volume testing and issue resolution.
  10. Segment the project into manageable, incremental chunks.