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Data Migration – Why Data Quality important ?

Poor data quality in source systems is always addressed before or during the migration process. Regardless of structure, type, or format, source data intended for migration should be validated in terms of the all key attributes:

When ever you are doing a data migration, make sure you have understanding for different dimensions of data quality are as:


Dimension Description
Relevance Is it relevant to its intended purpose?
Accuracy Does the data accurately represent another verifiable source in the system?
Completeness Does it provide all the information required?Is all necessary data present?
Integrity Do the data values fall within the acceptable ranges defined by the business? or Is the structure of data and relationships among entities and attributes maintained consistently?
Validity Is it within acceptable parameters for the business?
Timeliness Is it up to date and available whenever required?

Is it consistent and easily to understand?Is all necessary data present?

Accessibility Can it be easily accessed and exported to the target application?
Compliance Does it comply with regulatory standards?