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Conversion Methodology

In one of previous post [1] , i have discussed the basics of interface ,conversion and migration.Lets take a more detailed life cycle for data conversion/migration activity. This activity can not be ignored in any Oracle ERP transformation project.

A conversion does follow there own methodology , being a typically methodology it consist of certain task and subtask identified at sub activity level . Here are some of them as discussed below.

1. Movement of Data or Transport of data

This is where you have to plan the movement of data from an external system/old system to Oracle Applications which normally consider within a conversion project plan. The more important is developing a detailed conversion plan for each entity, listing all design, development, testing, and conversion tasks. You have also include resource,software, and hardware requirements to successfully convert each entity.

2.Design Process

This is where you have to decide what need to convert. This start with identifying all objects first there corresponding volume.

3.Developing Programs

This process does consist of :

4. Performing Conversion

This is process in which major activity is performed, this consist of:

5. Data Verification

In this phase each converted entity, design a conversion process from data extraction through data verification. Main consideration is business objectives and dependencies for each point in the process.