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What is Oracle Guardian?

Oracle Guardian is an intuitive tool for preemptive system support. This product is used to find potential problems before they require the attention of your IT support staff or impact your operations and your customers.

Oracle Guardian helps to streamline deployments and day-to-day operations. At the touch of a button, Oracle Guardian does the following[Adopted]:

What products does Oracle Guardian work with?

It works with most of the ex-BEA product line like WebLogic Platform 8.1 and above

  • WebLogic Portal
  • WebLogic Integration
  • WebLogic SIP Server
  • AquaLogic Service Bus
  • AquaLogic Data Services Platform
  • RFID Enterprise Server

What are Oracle Guardian Signature Patterns?

Oracle Guardian Signature Patterns - also simply referred to as "signatures" - provide Oracle Guardian with a definition of the conditions that indicate a potential trouble area in the system. Each Oracle Guardian Signature Pattern defines an individual issue. This definition contains the following information:

When you use Oracle Guardian to evaluate your domain, Oracle Guardian compares the information contained in each Signature Pattern against the conditions in your domain, and then generates a report of all of the Oracle Signature Patterns that apply to your domain. The report includes the following information:

As per Oracle metalink , Oracle support have defined new Signature Patterns and keep this regularly published in there releases. These Signature Patterns are based on best practices, service request work, software defects, common customer discoveries, security vulnerabilities, critical patches, and more.

Read Metalink Note # 749952.1 [1] ,to get more information on Oracle Guardian and Signature releases.