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Oracle Fixed Asset:Security by Book

You can manage your Asset Book Security, as mention in one of last post [1].This Functionality you can

Asset Book Security allows multiple asset books/registers to be manage/administered independently.

Oracle Responsibility and Security by Book

As mention Oracle FA has the ability to separate access to functionality such as asset additions, changes, inquiries, reporting, disposals, transfers, depreciation and reconciliation in a controlled manner based on the responsibility to which they are assigned.

Security only operates on secured books in secure responsibilities.

Setup step for enabling

As mention , these are the steps need to perform as per this post [1] .

Steps need to Performed

  1. Define your Organizations
  2. Specify the Hierarchy
  3. Set Up Security Profiles
  4. Run the Security List Maintenance Program
  5. Create Responsibilities
  6. Attach Security Profiles to Responsibilities & assign Responsibilities to Users

Instead of setting Security by Book Allows Access to all Books

Even after assigning the FA: Security profile. A subsidiary is still able to see all the information in another book ?

What is missed out ..if all 5 steps done properly

While setting up in another environment( where 8 OU's each have 2 books(Corporate and Tax),I discovered and found this does access to all books. This is because set_fa_context does not getting any application Id for make secure based out of responsibility.

What you need to do is Just 'Initialization SQL Statement - Custom' profile value which needs to be set to call set_fa_context with the application_id of the given responsibility.

This piece of code you need to set in profile options along with 5 steps mention in this post [1]




Common issue while enabling Security by Book

By any chance if this feature is troubling you , you need to investigate the root cause.Still these are few one

Few question before starting implementation for Security by Book

Before implementing the Oracle asset Security by Book feature you need to have clear idea about

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yeah. it’s nice.

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Great article, very very useful. Tnx..

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Is there how one report made at the EBS using jdev work with these rules?
Or ill have to make the select to take the rules?