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Know the “Security by Book” in Fixed Asset

Posted on October 13th, 2007 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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Security by Book is the model that allows organization security in Fixed Asset module.

The set up restricts users access and view to their organization. This is achieved by attaching fixed asset related security profile to their responsibilities.

To understand the asset books security , lets understand this way. There is one BU ABC as shown in figure below.

setup Now , within the ABC Business Group, we are going to have two operating units with each having its own asset book, the security by book concept will ensure that users are only able to view and update assets within their organization. If there is only one user at X to perform Fixed Asset accounting, he/she will be able to switch responsibilities to access each asset book (X and Y).


All operating units will be set up as Asset Organizations and attached to the Asset hierarchy defined for each business group.

5 Easy steps to make Secured by “Security by Book

The reason for security important because of these reasons:

  • Normally person who runs Mass Copy must have visibility to Corporate and Tax Books
  • Many time it is observed that restriction at users level cannot update data

In EBS there are 5 simple steps that makes asset book secured:

Step 1. Define Organization

  • This can be done by an existing or new organization
  • The most important things is that that organization must be define as an asset organization in main setup screen.
  • Then , you need to Assign depreciation books to the organizations
  • Please take a note depreciation books can only be assigned to one organization

asset Orgnization












Step 2. Define Hierarchy

Then the next is to define Hierarchy. Lets say my tax Books Organization is subsidiary of the Corporate Book Organization, then accordingly we can do setup for Hierarchy also.

asset Orgnization Hier









Step 3. Define Security Profile

This is used to determine the top organization in the hierarchy that can be viewed by a responsibility.

asset Orgnization Hier1











Step 4. Run Security List Maintenance

This is one of the step where seeded program need to run. The Security List Maintenance process can be run under HR responsibility

Step 5. Set Profile Option

The last step is to setup the FA: Security Profile at the responsibility level

asset Orgnization Hier4









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12 Responses
  1. Mathew Says:

    It help me lot…thanks, could you also let us know how to define Catagories

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  5. Ahmad Says:

    Good Article

  6. Sowmya Says:

    Asset Security
    Hi, I am trying to establish some kind of security between two operation units under one Business Org and one set of books.
    Eg. XYZ dept has XYZ_SB (set of books), there are two agencies Agency 1 and Agency 2 both use the same set of books XYZ_SB. Now I am trying to establish security such that agency 1 does not have access to agency 2 data and vice verse. Any suggestion ?

  7. Sanjit Anand Says:

    You can achieve this by
    MO: Operating Unit

    Security in FA is bit different in other oracle Financial Product.

    More you can check out at:

    Hope this helps

  8. Sowmya Says:

    I am able to achieve security in other modules with MO: Operating unit but I am having problems in FA. Also in your other post Understanding Security in : Oracle Financials and Manufacturing you have GL and FA at the SOB level … does this mean I have to create different FA set of books for each of my operating unit and tie them back to the same GL set of books ?

  9. Zane Says:

    Thanks for your articles, I start using FA and they are so helpfull as nothing else on the web.

    When reading about Security by book, I got a question related to roll out. Can Security List Maintenance be run any time, even though OU is already using FA? During implementation, precess was not run and seems FA is working ok. yet, I would like to be sure if this is OK if I run it in the middle of usage. Can it be run more than once?

  10. Ziya ?enol Says:

    Tnx too much Sanjit for this great article in this great site. So clear, tnx again..

  11. Krishna Says:


    The post was realy helpful. Thank you very much.

    I would to add one small point to this. We need to have the following profile option set: Initialization SQL Statement – Custom
    Value: “begin fa_security.set_fa_context(140); end;”


  12. Bill Says:

    Once you have the FA security set, how can you undo it?

    For instance what is you assign the wrong FA book to an OU and want to change it?

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