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FA : Capital Budgeting & Depreciation Forecast

If your client/customers's company want to use the capital budgeting function of Oracle Asset , then you will able to create, upload and amend a budget by asset category, cost centre within a legal entity.

What minimum you have to do is to do setup a budget book, which is basically subsidiary to a Corporate book and is used to hold capital budget information. Please note no actual assets are held in a Budget book [1]. You can also manage multiple Budget books and can be linked to one Corporate book. For details for budget books refer this [1] .

Capital Budgeting

Client Requirement : To establish if Capital Budgeting within FA will be required

Oracle Assets budget allows you to enter budget information manually, or you can maintain your budget information in another system and upload the information via the budget interface.

Budgeting is done at either the major category level or at the full category flex field combination per period. Update of budget can be restricted to authorized user by function and menu exclusion.Therefore, you need to be very careful while designing and providing the menu to user community.

In Oracle you can get use of budget entry report is available within the standard report set.

The Budget to Actual Standard Report list the actual and budgeted amounts for each major category and cost centre and the percent variance between the budget and actual regardless of the budget information detail whilst the Capital Spending Report compares the budgeted and actual amounts for all major categories, for which there exists a budget and it sums them up by major category. It also sums up the actual expenditures for non-budgeted categories by major category.

Sometime it has requirement to be able to project/forecast depreciation over future periods using all fields within fixed assets,if customer wants.

Depreciation Forecast

Depreciation Forecast is achieved within Oracle standard functionality via What if Analysis or Depreciation Projections.

What-if Depreciation Analysis is use to forecast depreciation for groups of assets in different scenarios without making changes to your Oracle Assets data. You can run what-if depreciation analysis on assets defined in your Oracle Assets system or on hypothetical assets that are not defined in Oracle Assets.

What-if depreciation analysis differs from depreciation projections in that what-if depreciation analysis allows you to forecast depreciation for many different scenarios without changing your Oracle Assets data. Depreciation projection allows projection only for the parameters set up in Oracle Assets.

The important fields that can be used for What If analysis are;

  1. Asset Book , Start Period and number of period , these are mandatory parameter.
  2. Range of asset numbers
  3. Range of Date in Service
  4. Asset Category
  5. Indicate the depreciation method, years you wish to simulate. For example the impact of changing the depreciation method from straight Line to Sum of Digits.

Use the what-if depreciation analysis to forecast depreciation for groups of assets in different scenarios without making changes to your
Oracle Assets data.

Steps to use Forecast Depreciation using WHAT-IF DEPRECIATION Analysis:

  1. First you need to navigate to the What-If Depreciation Analysis window .
  2. Next you need to enter the book containing the assets for which you want to run what-if analysis.
  3. Now , in the Assets to Analyze tabbed region, enter the parameters you want to use to identify the set of assets for which you want to run
    what-if depreciation analysis or you can use other options like ..In the Hypothetical Assets tabbed region, enter the parameters to identify the hypothetical asset for which you want to run what-if depreciation analysis.
  4. Next you need to enter the Depreciation Scenario parameters to identify the depreciation rules to be used in the analysis.
  5. Run what-if depreciation analysis.
  6. Review the results of the What-If Depreciation Report or the Hypothetical What-If Report by navigating to the View My Requests window.
  7. Update your assets according to the specified parameters in the Mass Changes window or repeat this with other parameters.

Asset budgeting : EBS Out of box possiblity

Some Quick Question Answer

Q: What is the use of Budget Book?
A: Capital Budgeting

Q: How will you Create Asset in Budget Book?
A: Via the application or Budget Upload interface table.

Q: Is there any process where in assets can be transfered from Corporate book to Budget Book?

Q:Link between FA Budget and GL Budgets
A:To establish the link between FA budget and GL Budget , you need to do customization on Account Generator.

Q:What is Budget Open Interface ?
A:As mention this is Capital Budgeting Process in which you can maintain your budget information in a spreadsheet, and then upload it to Oracle Assets using the budget interface. You can transfer budget data from any software package that prints to an ASCII file, and then use SQL*Loader to load the FA_BUDGET_INTERFACE table.

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