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API’s or Open Interface

Posted on February 12th, 2008 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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I was recently asked by a reader if I would be willing answer his questions, which was :

“Most of us are / have had worked with API’s & Open Interfaces. Both do the similar job, but have we ever wondered why would we use API’s when it can be done using Open Interface or vice versa? And, which is better” ?

….So, here you go.

..My dear friend, there is hardly any difference the way both is working,do check my previous post. Anyway here is back to basic :

OIT APIWhat are Open Interfaces?
The term Open Interfaces actually refers a programming interface, usually a database table, that automates the execution of Oracle APIs.

Open Interfaces provide a single, simple interface for a specified business procedure.

What are the Oracle APIs?

These are called as a collection of “Black Box” interfaces that provide programatic access into the Oracle ERP database.

The term API refers to stored procedure driven interfaces, where you call a stored procedure to perform an action within an Oracle Module, and the data from your external application is passed through the stored procedure’s parameters.

Why use Open Interfaces?

  • In EBS one Open Interface may run many API calls.
  • Open Interface run asynchronously.
  • The good is that if there is failure of record, they remain in the table until either fixed or purged.
  • They automate the interface into the APIs.
  • This requires less work and less code as few SQL DML would simply .

Why use APIs?

  • When there is no corresponding Open Interface.
  • Normally all Oracle APIs run synchronously, and provide immediate responses, therefore machism to be provided to handle such situation.
  • That requires custom error handling routine.
  • This may requires lot more effort as these need fine grain control approach.

Remember, the APIs are also used by the front end screens, and in the same way, will require all the appropriate prerequisites to be implemented.

Important to note, you cannot use APIs as an alternative to implementation.

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  2. Mark Valentine Says:

    I wud like to know if there is anything like we should not use Open Interface for TCA tables in AR… And we must go with the Oracle API defined for Conversion…

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    Can anyone provide the API names for OPM Regulatory Management-Urgent

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  10. Pablo Says:


    What do you mean with “Open Interface run asynchronously”? Are they not suitable por real-time requierements?


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