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User Unable to Export Data to TSV File

Posted on January 23rd, 2009 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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For new Implementation, certain things never focused by implementation team i.e user desktop configuration which might be a big reason that is reported by end user once Business switch to new system. This is specially true, when your client belong to SME’s (Small and medium enterprise).

Lets me summarize few issue with File ->Export

  1. User Unable to Export Data to TSV File
  2. Export functionality does not prompt for saving the file.
  3. Data export from Oracle form is missing some rows in the output file , specially from AP Invoice workbench , Gl account enquiry screen and AR Transaction workbench

Some of them are purely desktop issue, still you need to do such steps if such things being reported by remote users.

Do verify the following:

  1. You should have the following Viewer Option entry: File Format Mime Type Description Allow Native Client Encoding
    ————– ——————————– ——————– ———————–
    Excel application/ Microsoft Excel Checked
  2. Check out the table FND_MIME_TYPES_TL entry. A row contains an entry for FILE_FORMAT_CODE = “EXCEL” and MIME_TYPE =”application/”

Next you need to verify these details:

  1. What is the windows OS on your computer (XP, W2000, etc…)? Which service pack?
    i.e.: Microsoft Windows XP – Profesionnel – Version 2002 – Service Pack 2 check the comptability matrix.
  2. Version of excel on user computer.
  3. Version of Internet Explorer in user computer.
  4. Deactivate any pop-up blockers in windows XP or in Internet explorer
  5. You need to do a try to compare the two computers? (The computer where you have the issue and the computer where the export is working)
  6. Try the following as part of quick check:
    In the Tools -> Internet options, set the following:
    • Open Internet Explorer and choose Tools–>Internet Options
      • Click on the Security Tab
      • Click the Custom Level button
      • Scroll down to the “Downloads” options
      • Enable the option “Automatic prompting for file downloads”
      • Enable the option “File Download”

Once you done, close browser, open browser than try to export again.

If still getting an error , you need to verify these details too.

  • In Internet Explorer select the Tools menu – Internet Options – Security – Custom Level
  • Adjust all the settings for ActiveX Controls and Downloads to be either ‘enable’ for the following zones :
    • – Internet
    • – Local Intranet
    • – Trusted Zones
  • Try to add the site of instance to Trusted Zone and adjusted Security level to Low protection.
  • Restart the browser and now test.

99% chances that you can able to resolve 1 and 2 , else not, ask Oracle with SR and wait for a day.

For 3,you need to check with Oracle, there might be chances the version of form is bit lower.

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Have you tried OracleappsHub in ipad/iphone/smart Phone? Don't wait. try it today
One Response
  1. Irshad Says:

    >>Simple, press the ctrl button in the keyboard and then click the File->Export.
    >>It will work for sure! ENJOY…

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