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Specialized / Dedicated Concurrent Managers (Enhancing Performance)

Assume you have a Business Critical "Short Running" (take an example Invoice Printing) Concurrent Request, but it is waiting for the Standard Manager for a long time before the Processing is getting picked up.

Specialized / Dedicated Concurrent Managers

Creating a specialized concurrent managers which is dedicated to some specific concurrent requests which need to be processed in a different way.


  1. Speed up Critical Short Running Requests which has long wait time
  2. To avoid Long Running Request during Peak time

Tips that you need to remember

"Avoid creating an excessive specialized managers. It can degrade the performance due polling on queue tables. You need to create specialized managers only if there is a real need"

You can then define a new Specialized Concurrent Manager(Fig 1). And include the specific critical short run Concurrent Request to the new Manager that you created(Fig 2 ,3). . This will ensure all your critical short run Concurrent Requests are not waiting in the queue for longer time.

Fig 1

Fig 2

Fig 3

and then you need to exclude from standard Manager as per fig 4 & 5.

Fig 4

Fig 5

Avoid Long Running Request during Peak time
This helps you to prevents users from executing such "Long Running" request during Peak time. This improves overall performance of the system.