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Understanding the Oracle Diagnostics

I have posted a number of previous notes [1] defining and discussing Oracle diagnostics. This tool is enhanced because of new security model.Let's take a quick look on revisiting this utility.

Six reason why 'Everyone like Oracle Diagnostic'

Oracle E-Business Suite Diagnostics is a framework and a repository of diagnostic tests. These are six top reason why every one liked this product.

  1. This is shipped product within the box
  2. This is FREE ...
  3. This utility based out of common known problems
  4. Test Result with corrective actions information
  5. Available for most of the products
  6. You will get enough documentation on metalink.

Changes in R12.1

Diagnostics Architecture

Oracle Diagnostics provides the ability to quickly identify and resolve problems by executing diagnostic tests, and here is how this looks in architectural view.

Diagnostic linked with SR.

A typically flow for diagnostic routed with SR.


New Security Model

You can understood as new model as:

A particular user’s access to diagnostic tests is determined by:

Within New Security Model, important features are :

Understanding Roles-Sensitivity-Access
Company xylem has uptake EBS Diagnostics.

Requirement wise it can’t assign execution and setup access to the same resource/user;, therefore its required to increase/decrease sensitivity levels of the roles.

Lets say ‘GL Manager’ responsibility is assigned to ‘user and following activity is performed.

Take a note,high sensitivity tests in other applications are not available for this user, as they are locked.

5 steps for creating custom Security

  1. First you need to create a new role
  2. Than, attach the responsibility to this role
  3. Create a new permission set
  4. Create a new grant
  5. Assign the role to the user

Instance Sets,Grants,Permissions and Permission Sets are some of the new keyword which need to revisit in term of new security model.

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We have multiple site for a supplier. Oracle is rolling out each cheque for each site.

Is it possible to make single cheque for all sites?