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Know some of the concurrent managers

Posted on August 12th, 2007 by Sanjit Anand |Print This Post Print This Post |Email This Post Email This Post

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The key types of concurrent managers in EBS are:

  • Internal Concurrent Manager (ICM)
  • Conflict Resolution Manager (CRM)
  • Product Specific Managers
  • Transaction Managers

The Internal and the Standard concurrent managers

  • Oracle System Administration predefines two managers for you:
  • The Internal Concurrent Manager, which functions as the "boss" of all the other managers.
  • The Internal Concurrent Manager starts up, verifies the status of, resets, and shuts down the individual managers.
  • The Internal Concurrent Manager also enforces program incompatibility rules by comparing program definitions for requested programs with those programs already running in an Oracle username designated as a logical database (i.e., an Oracle account where program incompatibility rules are enforced).
  • You cannot alter the definition of the Internal Concurrent Manager.

Conflict Resolution Manager (CRM)

  • CRM enforces any incompatibility rules.

Product Specific Managers

  • It includes inventory, MRP, PA and any user defined managers

Transaction Managers

  • It supports synchronous request processing
  • A small pool of server-side transaction manager processes service a large number of clients
  • Ex. of this manager is approval of an order

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  3. sunil reddy Says:


    can anyone tell,how to enable a trace for long running concurrent request.


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