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‘File-Export” ..why not ‘Report – Export’

Posted on July 7th, 2008 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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Many of EBS users take advantage of the ‘File-Export’ functionality. This functionality was specifically designed for use on ‘Folder’ forms so users could export the data displayed on the screen to Excel.

This is one of the option that allows users to export information from a row based data set into a desktop file so that they can utilize these data’s sheet for there own reference or any other reporting or feeding purpose .

This is yet another story of some basis functionality differences in two ERP Products(Oracle EBS and SAP), Here are some sets of of Q & A with core user discussion.

  • Can the system export all data from all modules to external applications?
    • Oracle: In Oracle you can export all the data directly from form, where as you can’t export all report data into Excel.
    • SAP : The SAP situation is opposite, that mean you a need interface for exporting data from modules where as for reports you can can be downloaded in Excel.
  • Is the export tool easy to use? What user skill-set is required?
    • Oracle :In oracle you do it From the menu it is FILE/EXPORT
    • SAP :Yes, the method for exporting reports is via menu paths from within the report overview. This method is common throughout SAP. An understanding of Microsoft products is required.
  • Can exports be set with run-time parameters?
    • Oracle:Yes but only limited for Forms
    • SAP : , answer is Yes,ie exports can be defined to run at specific times, this would run the appropriate report in SAP and download to the necessary network location or printer.
  • Export Functionality from Custom Form?
    • Oracle:If your form is based out of Template.fmb, you can get use of Export Functionality.
    • SAP : Not sure about this
  • Integration with Other Non Oracle and Oracle system like Hyperion , Third Party Tax or Other Product for Forecasting and Budgeting?
    • Oracle:Depends , what format is used by these application. As per industry practice .csv format is standard , there fore all Exported can be saved into .CSV that will be easily recognize by other application.

dgreybarrow-2Exporting Apps Reports Into Excel sheet

There is no such seeded functionality that you can get from EBS for exporting into Excel.

There are several options available which depends upon the usage and volume of data into Report.

  1. You cannot directly see the output in Excel from view -> Request -> output.
    You need to make changes to report so that the output is saved as delimited text file and then open with excel with the delimiter. This way at least some data get into excel, easy but ugly format, if have header and report title details.
  2. Use Oracle XML Publisher.
    It should give you an option for output in Excel files.But make sure, if you are pulling Financial data, you must tell financial and Controllers that there are certain limitation for:
    • Number of rows generated exceeds the Excel maximum

    • Use of formulae or macros can’t done in the Excel output

    • They can’t get Pivot sort of report into Excel based XMLPub.

    • Amount alignment because of numeric value ( Seems this should be fixed by assuming string value)

    • Decimal Placement

Data loading and formatting into excel . as whenever you have lot of rows then it will take some more time to dump into Excel , because of XHTML with the mime type set to get Excel to open it.

3.) Seeded Functionality of Excel Output

  1. Login to apps, using “System Administrator” responsibility
  2. Navigate to Install -> Viewer Options
  3. Add the entries as below
    File Format=Text Mime Type=application/ Description=Microsoft Excel
    File Format=Text Mime Type=application/ Description=Microsoft Word
  4. Save the changes
  5. Bounce Apache (Not sure if it works without bouncing Apache)
  6. View the concurrent requests log (view log button)
  7. Goto Tools -> Copy File. It will open a new window viewer option with the choices to select the Viewer to open the logfile. Select Microsoft Excel here and press ok.

4) Use concurrent program output format as XML. Change the output format to EXCEL in this path
Submit Request–> Options–>Layout–>Format.

dgreybarrow-2Additional Issue which user might encounter

  1. User can’t get Save Prompt
    • Check the version of the IE in desktop and do these additional Internet Explorer settings.
    • Tools>Internet Options>Security>Custom Level>Downloads
    • Automatic prompting for file downloads needs set to Enable
  2. Another issue File-Export does not work in some pc’s many times. Not sure, what is Oracle Solutions. I had a trick , whenever such issue I told me user to Press CTRL key and then do the file export. This works…

dgreybarrow-2In summary


Any thoughts :)

Disclaimer : SAP Functionality which is discussed is based out of Personal observation and discussion with SAP user, which they are using bit older version.Any Conflicts with SAP functionlity must be validated. Oracle Version which is used for reference is

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4 Responses
  1. Jouke Says:

    Hi Sanjit,

    Nice comparison. One week ago I wrote an article about exporting data from Standard Reports to Excel, without using XML Publisher.

    This is possible by using the XML format on the concurrent request, which is readable for Excel 2003 and higher.

    See for the full article.

  2. ND Says:


    Does SAP R/3 offer direct download/Upload to& from an XML format.
    or SAP XI /PI is mandatory.


  3. Rao Says:

    Can u pls let me know, where the copy file will be available and how it should be opened.


  4. Deon Says:

    I have tried 3.) Seeded Functionality of Excel Output

    It worked like a charm without having to bounce Apache. in R12.

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