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EBS Concurrent Manager

Concurrent program are the batch Processing Sub-System. These programs are run as operating system background processes.These programs may be written using a variety of Oracle tools, programming languages for executables, or OS scripts.

Concurrent Manager - Tables

Here are the list of table assocaited with concurrent programs.

Table Content
FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS Details of user requests, including status, start date, and completion date
FND_CONCURRENT_PROGRAMS Details of concurrent programs, including execution method, whether the program is constrained, and whether it must be run alone
FND_CONCURRENT_PROCESSES Cross-references between concurrent requests and queues, and a history of concurrent manager processes
FND_CONCURRENT_QUEUES Information about each of the concurrent manager queues

Concurrent Request - Lifecycle

Here are summary for concurrent prgram phases in a typical lifecycle of concurrent program.

Phase Activity
Pending / Normal The request is waiting to be run
Pending / Standby The request is waiting at CRM
Running / Normal The request is running
Completed / Normal The request has finished
Inactive / No Manager The request cannot be run. No manager available to process it.

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