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Step by Step :Using Receipt API for Miscellaneous Receipt (Scenario 6)

Posted on May 7th, 2009 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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Previous tutorial

dgreybarrow What kind of senarois you can consider here

  1. You have logistics company pay for goods damaged during shipping?
  2. You are collected the money for cafeteria ?
  3. You are collecting the money for Car parking?
  4. You are selling your computer and other scrap thing in aucation?
  5. Any other revenue that you are generating which is not link with any customer.

These are some senario which is consider as Miscellaneous Receipt.

dgreybarrowWhich API is being used

you can call this API AR_RECEIPT_API_PUB.CREATE_MISC to create a miscellaneous receipt.

dgreybarrow Step to use the API

You have to perform these steps in order to get API executed

Step 1 : Identification of some mandatory and key column of API

Once you identify the key and mandatory column , you have 50% done. What is recomended for you to check the API version in irep with your EBS version and try to map some of mandatory columns.

Here is the example.

First you need to create a Misc cash Receipt .


Step 2 : Idetify and the mandatory column and must do pre-requsite setup for receipt.

Your Payment method , underline bank, respective accounting details must be pre-requiste step up for creating a receipt in Oracle.

Also, you have to define receivable activity of the type – Miscellaneous Cash

Step 3: You need to initialize the apps_initialize pacakge

For this you have to follow these steps:

Run the query 1


Run the query 2

SELECT application_id FROM fnd_application 
                        WHERE application_short_name LIKE  'APPL_SHRT_NAME';                    

Run the query 3


Run the query 4

Run this script in your Toad or Sql*Plus Client , this will initialize the apps.

Step 4: You can use the following script which creates a single miscellaneous receipt.

dgreybarrow Final Verification

Query for Receipt Number ‘HUB-TEST8_MISC’ (As Example discussed above). The below screen shows the created cash receipt




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2 Responses
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  2. Osama Dameeri Says:

    I had done all that steps, but
    unfortunately it doesn’t work,

    although no error is shown , I mean when I executed the scripts, is there any steps should I do for the AR setup before using API…..?

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