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What is Oracle Customer Data Hub (Oracle CDH)

Oracle Customer Data Hub is a comprehensive set of services, utilities and applications to create and maintain a single source of truth of customer identity across the company. CDH allows organizations to have consolidated customer data from heterogeneous systems in a central location and establishing enterprise-wide data quality. Oracle CDH is an application with middleware services which can be deployed in any IT infrastructure.

In short,Customer data hub consolidates following concepts under one umbrella to provide a single view of the customers

The Customer Data Hub is a bundling of architecture and application elements that work together to provide a clean and reliable central and shared repository of customer data across Oracle and non-Oracle systems. It has following three layers.


Oracle's Trading Community Architecture (TCA) provides the basis for the Customer Data Hub. TCA is made up of two core elements: the database schema and the enabling infrastructure.

The TCA database schema is the repository for all party related data (a party may be an organization, a person, a buying consortium, a contact, a supplier, a partner, or any other person or organization with which you do business), including profile characteristics of a party (who/what they are), what their association/relationship with other parties is, where they are located, what the locations are used for, how to get in touch with them, how they are classified and more.

The TCA enabling infrastructure is an intermediary between the business applications that wish to utilize the data stored in TCA (whether they are Oracle eBusiness Suite applications or other systems) and the schema itself. The enabling infrastructure is meant to ensure that the data that is entered into, or extracted from, the database tables is done in a uniform manner, ensuring consistent data quality. This infrastructure takes the form of:

  • Public APIs which ensure the integrity of the data entered into and retrieved from the database tables.
  • Data Quality Management (DQM) tools which use sophisticated match rules to detect and/or resolve potential duplicate data.
  • Third Party Content Integration which enriches or validates party data to ensure usefulness and correctness.

CDH Application Layer

Lets take a quick look on these application , which is subset or can be work standalone.

1. Oracle Customers Online provides the tools and functionality to:

  • Set-up and maintain Party Relationships, Party Classifications, Data Quality Management (DQM rules)
  • Create, view and update party information
  • Upload flat data files for import into TCA.

2. Oracle Customer Data Librarian, a data quality application, plays a central role in cleansing, enriching and maintaining party data. Data Librarian provides the tools needed to:

  • Configure and deploy match rules for automated duplicate identification.
  • Maintain mappings between a party record in TCA and the corresponding record(s) in one or more third party systems.
  • Identify potential duplicate records, and take action to merge those records together with a mix of the best attribute values from the records to be merged.
  • Purge party records from the TCA database.
  • Manage party active/inactive status.
  • Control party merge at the attribute, relationship and address levels.

3. Oracle DQM

Oracle Data Quality Management, a highly configurable engine which is used to setup match rules, attributes and resolution set rules.

  • Prevent, Identify and Resolve Duplicates
  • Synchronize Consistent Data
  • Match Rules
  • Smart Search

Next post , we will see the CDH Implementation Options and more on Oracle Data Librarian with some real time senarios