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TCA : Party Purge API

Looking for API which can delete desired party record completely.. use this API which can be used to Purge the Party Information from TCA Architecture.The name of the API is apps.hz_purge.purge_party.


  3. <p>Parameters<br />
  4. p_init_msg_list IN VARCHAR:=FND_API.G_FALSE,<br />
  5. x_return_status OUT VARCHAR2,<br />
  6. x_msg_count OUT VARCHAR2,<br />
  7. x_msg_date OUT VARCHAR2,<br />
  8. p_party_id NUMBER</p>

This API is removing the desired row from only two tables:

This API is not published by Oraclc for public use. You can check thIS post before using Oracle API's [1].

If you have Oracle Customers Online enabled , you can use seeded functionality to purge parties.

Navigation flow: --> Oracle Data Librarian Super User