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TCA in EBS: Integration with HRMS

HRMS Integration with TCA - Concept

When the CRM Application were incorporated into EBS , there was a need to manage the relationships within the trading community of the corporation from one standard model. that why Oracle came with a complete suite of integrated modules that cover the front to back end office operation in its entirety, and therefore could uniquely provide a ‘Single Source of Truth’ mostly meant for customer information. That means , a customer record is the exact same record whether it is viewed through Oracle Sales Online, Oracle Marketing Online, Oracle Customer Care, Oracle Financials, or iStore.

The concept of ‘Party’ enables the Customer Model to treat all business entities equally. This means that regardless of the type of customer (i.e., organizations, people, groups, or relationships), each customer is handled in the same way by the data model.

As HRMS is the main application for the management of people in the e-Business Suite, it is also responsible for maintaining a corporate record of each person which is held in TCA. This corporate person record not only provides a central source of data for those applications that require basic access to the people of the enterprise, but also links all the local records for a person within Oracle HRMS itself . For example , in a Global Enterprise, a person may need to be transferred between business groups to work temporarily in other countries. That will mean records will exist for the same person in different business groups but which are identified by a common party_id linked to the corporate record in TCA.

HRMS only maintains the Person entity in TCA. It does not maintain Organizations or Locations.

TCA in R12: Integration with HRMS

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