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Oracle R12 Financials Enhancements Cheat Sheet – > Receivables & iReceivable

Posted on January 17th, 2011 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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You can find the details in these post.Major Enhancement in R12 Receivables are:

  • Partial Period Revenue Recognition: Partial Period Revenue Recognition enables the generation of revenue recognition schedules that respect the start and end dates of contractual obligations.
  • Revenue Deferral Reasons: Event-Based Revenue Management allows users to define revenue deferral reasons and corresponding revenue recognition events.
  • COGS and Revenue Matching: new COGS and Revenue Matching feature satisfies this matching principle by synchronizing the recognition of revenue with the recognition of associated COGS.
  • Enhanced Payment-Based Revenue Recognition: Feature achieves payment based revenue recognition by associating transaction lines with revenue impacting contingencies.
  • Line Level Cash Applications
  • Refunds Enhancements: Oracle Receivables is fully integrated with Oracle Payables to deliver a seamless, automated process to generate check and bank account transfer refunds.
  • Balance Forward Billing: enhanced version of the existing consolidated billing functionality for industries where customers are billed for all their account activity on a regular, cyclical basis. You see more details here.
  • Late Charges: enhanced Late Charges functionality enabling the creation of standard late charge policies that can be assigned to customer accounts or account sites.
  • Multi Org Access Control(MOAC) enabled.
  • Integration with Subledger Accounting
  • Receivables Reconciliation Enhancements: Easily reconcile your receivables using enhanced reporting.
  • Collections Workbench Obsolescence: Features moved to Oracle Advanced Collections.
  • Bills of Exchange Obsolescence: The Bills of Exchange feature is obsolete and replaced by the Bills Receivable feature.
  • Trade Accounting Obsolescence: The Oracle Trade Accounting feature is obsolete and replaced by Oracle’s Deduction Management solution.

Those you are using ORACLE IRECEIVABLES or planning to use , can find major enhancement in R12 as:

  • Trading Community Architecture: TCA Integrated.
  • Oracle Payments: Integrated with Oracle Payments.
  • Multi Org Access Control(MOAC) enabled.
  • Enhanced User Self Registration: Feature has been enhanced.
  • Cross Customer Site Payments: Oracle iReceivables has enhanced the payment functionality to allow the selfservice users to pay their bills and review their payments across customer sites
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