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Batch Control is not showing Decimal place (Rounding issue)

If you are using Receipt batch control, then you might be noticed the form ARXRWMAI does not display the value of decimal place.

Some Customer is really specific to rounding issue for there control.

If customer is asking for rounding issue, then you need to find why this happen, there might be two reason;

(i)Check the precision setting on currency master setup. If this is setup correct, then (ii) check the profile option Currency: Mixed Currency Precision

Currency:Mixed Currency Precision

This profile option specifies how many spaces are available to the right of the decimal point when displaying numbers representing different currencies.

Once you done setup , you can get the correct value in AR Batch Receipt.

This profile not only control only Receipt batch , it is also hookup with some other form in Finance side, but majority of time customer is not using batch control in AR like (receipt batch or Transaction batch), therefore you might not get across this.:)

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