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AR to GL Transfer : Part II

Posted on December 10th, 2008 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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Read This for AR to GL Transfer

AR to GL Transfer

dgreybarrow-2GL Transfer Can Capture the Fingerprints (Link between GL to AR )








When you run AR Transfer to GL , GL_INTERFACE table get first populated with reference columns that is then pushed the detailes in GL_JE_LINES table. Here are the details for Reference columns

  • REFERENCE21 :posting_control_id
  • REFERENCE22 :cash_receipt_id||cash_receipt_history_id or cash_receipt_id for MISC
  • REFERENCE23 :line_id
  • REFERENCE24 :receipt_number
  • REFERENCE25 :null for CASH / cash_receipt_history_id for MISC
  • REFERENCE26 :null
  • REFERENCE27 :pay_from_customer
  • REFERENCE29 :MISC_source type or TRADE_source_type

dgreybarrow-2Key Tables

In order to obtain what is going to be tranfered to GL you can these Major AR table to drill down information.

  • ar_cash_receipt_history_all:Receitps accounting
  • ar_distributions_all: Receitps accounting
  • ar_receivable_applications_all: Receipt applications accounting
  • ar_distributions_all:Receipt applications accounting & misc receipts accounting
  • ar_misc_cash_distributions_all:Misc receipts accounting

dgreybarrow-2Query for Subledger Transfer to GL

If you want to get details of different journals transferred to GL, use this to get the result. You can also fine tune with period , currency or clearing company code or Journal Type.Here is the query for Transaction.

        gjjlv.period_name               "Period" 
      ,                        "Batch name"
      , gjjlv.header_name               "Journal Entry For" 
      , gjjlv.je_source                 "Source"
      , glcc.concatenated_segments      "Accounts" 
      , gjjlv.line_entered_dr           "Entered Debit" 
      , gjjlv.line_entered_cr           "Entered Credit" 
      , gjjlv.line_accounted_dr         "Accounted Debit" 
      , gjjlv.line_accounted_cr         "Accounted Credit" 
      , gjjlv.currency_code             "Currency"
      ,                        "Payment Method" 
      , acra.receipt_number             "Receipt Num" 
      , acra.receipt_date               "Receipt Date"
      , RA.CUSTOMER_NAME                "Reference"
      , gjjlv.created_by                "Gl Transfer By"
from    apps.gl_je_journal_lines_v gjjlv 
      , gl_je_lines gje
      , gl_je_headers gjh
      , gl_je_batches gjb
      , ar_cash_receipts_all acra 
      , apps.ra_customers ra
      , apps.gl_code_combinations_kfv glcc
      , ar_receipt_methods arm
where      gjh.period_name IN ('OCT-2007','NOV-2007') 
and        glcc.code_combination_id = gje.code_combination_id 
and        gjh.JE_BATCH_ID = gjb.JE_BATCH_ID 
and        gjh.JE_HEADER_ID = gje.JE_HEADER_ID
and        gjh.period_name = gjb.default_period_name
and        gjh.period_name = gje.period_name 
and        gjjlv.period_name = gjh.period_name 
and        gjjlv.je_batch_id = gjh.je_batch_id 
and        gjjlv.je_header_id = gjh.je_header_id 
and        gjjlv.LINE_JE_LINE_NUM  = gje.je_line_num
and        gjjlv.line_code_combination_id = glcc.code_combination_id 
and        gjjlv.line_reference_4 = acra.receipt_number    
AND        ra.customer_id = acra.pay_from_customer
and        acra.receipt_method_id = arm.receipt_method_id 
--and        glcc.segment1 ='30D'

dgreybarrow-2Run ARGLTP module: General Ledger Transfer Program

AR to GL transfer rECEIPT

If your program is running bit slow , you can run this in debug mode and investigate why performance is done.

Based out of experince , the performance hit would be related to the number of records. If you are trying to determine why records are not imported you could run a smaller range than a week and run that in degbug mode. If you are trying to determine performance issues the debug is likely not going to help.

Here are the steps to run in the debug mode.

1)Go to Run General Ledger Interface Screen:

Interfaces -> General Ledger

2) Activate DEBUG_FLAG parameter:

Menu: Help -> Tools -> Examine
Block: Control
Value: Y

3) Run ARGLTP module: General Ledger Transfer Program.

After activating the debug mode the ARGLTP log file will show you more detailed information about this process. In you are unable to debug you can ask Oracle support they will help you in addressing slow performance.

Hope this will be helpful for rootcausing any issue during month end or addressing daily reconciliation.Will back soon for PO and PRJ transfer details.

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  1. Donald Ferreira Says:

    Hi Sanjit,

    Am new to Oracle General Ledger.
    Am wondering if you have queries similar to the ones above for :
    -GL Balances Drill down
    -GL Journal Drill down
    -GL Sub-Ledger drill down

    Thanks a ton for your posts

    Have a nice day

    Kind regards

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