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AR : Back to Basic(Technical Foundation)

Posted on February 18th, 2008 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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This post is more on basic table structure of Oracle Account Receivable.

1.Table that holds AR Invoice data

The following tables can give most of the invoice information.

  • RA_CUSTOMER_TRX_ALL stores invoice header information. RA_CUSTOMER_TRX_LINES_ALL stores information about invoice, debit memo, credit memo, bills receivable, and commitment lines.
  • The AR_PAYMENT_SCHEDULES_ALL table stores all transactions except adjustments and miscellaneous cash receipts.
  • RA_CUST_TRX_LINE_GL_DIST_ALL stores accounting distribution records for all transaction lines except bills receivable.The RA_CUST_TRX_LINE_GL_DIST_ALL table stores the accounting records for revenue, unearned revenue, and unbilled receivables for each invoice or credit memo line.
  • RA_CUSTOMERS – Customer information
  • RA_CUST_TRX_TYPES_ALL – Customer Transaction Type
  • RA_CUSTOMER_TRX_LINES_ALL – Transaction Line information
  • MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS – Base table for item

The ER Diagram for a customer Transaction can be easily understood as:


2.Customer Payment

These are the main tables which holds Customer Payment information

  • AR_CASH_RECEIPTS_ALL stores one record for each receipt entry.
  • AR_CASH_RECEIPT_HISTORY_ALL stores all of the activity that is contained for the life cycle of a receipt.
  • Each row represents one step., Possible statuses are Approved, Cleared,Confirmed, Remitted, and Reversed.
  • AR_MISC_CASH_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL stores all accounting entries for miscellaneous cash applications.
  • AR_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL stores the accounting distributions for cash receipts, miscellaneous receipts, adjustments,credit memo applications, cash receipt applications, and bills receivable transactions.
  • AR_RECEIVABLE_APPLICATIONS_ALL stores all accounting entries for cash and credit memo applications.
  • Each row includes the amount applied, status, and accounting flexfield information.

The ER Diagram for a customer Payment can be easily understood as:


3. Accounting Link between the tables

  • For Invoice:

ra_customers (This is for capturing customers information)

and joins are customer_trx_id for ar_payment_schedules_all & ra_customer_trx_all & ra_customer_trx_lines_all .
ra_cust_trx_types_all.type IN (‘INV’)

  • For the Receipts:


ar_receivable_applications_all.application_type = ‘CASH’,
ar_receivable_applications_all.cash_receipt_id = ar_cash_receipts_all.cash_receipt_id,
ar_receivable_applications_all.applied_customer_trx_id = ra_customer_trx_all.customer_trx_id

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10 Responses
  1. Prativa Says:

    Thank you so much for the nice posting.

    can you please post the month end closing for AP, AR and GL.

  2. Anil Bejugam Says:

    This information is very useful specially for Technical consultants.

  3. zameer Says:

    Hi Freinds,
    Can any one help me in getting all the receipts (applied/unapplied) for a particular invoice.

  4. Arun Says:


    Could anyone please help me in creating a transaction with balance of Unearned Revenue account not ‘0’ (Zero).

    Please reply ASAP.



  5. Ram Says:

    Very helpful and clear picture of techinical info given….

  6. sneha Says:

    i want to know whether this query and the relates joins are correct or not..

    select c.party_id,c.party_name,c.party_number,,p.profile_class_id,
    from cust_dim c,
    transaction_dim t,
    profile_dim p,
    ar_payment_schedules_all psa,
    hz_cust_accounts_all ca,
    hz_cust_prof_class_amts pca,
    ar_receivable_applications_all ar,
    ra_customer_trx_lines_all tl,
    ra_customer_trx_all racta
    where c.site_use_id=psa.customer_site_use_id
    and c.cust_account_id=ca.cust_account_id
    and t.cust_trx_type_id=psa.cust_trx_type_id
    and p.profile_class_id=pca.profile_class_id
    and tl.customer_trx_id=ar.applied_customer_trx_id
    and psa.customer_trx_id=tl.customer_trx_id
    AND racta.customer_trx_id = tl.customer_trx_id;
    –AND ar.customer_trx_id = racta.customer_trx_id
    –and psa.payment_schedule_id=ar.payment_schedule_id;

  7. krishna Says:

    Hi fnds,
    I need join-condition for ra_customer_trx_all and

    Please help me….

  8. Aiyaz Says:

    Hello all,

    I need a more possible joins between ar_payment_schedules_all and ra_customer_trx_v…When i run my query i am getting more than 1 row for a trx_number.
    Kindly help me my mail id is


    v.RAC_BILL_TO_CUSTOMER_NAME party_name,
    v.RAC_BILL_TO_CUSTOMER_NUM party_number,
    v.TRX_NUMBER transaction_number,
    v.CTT_TYPE_NAME invoice,
    ra.FOB_POINT fob_point,
    v.RAT_TERM_NAME terms_name,
    v.BILL_TO_CUSTOMER_ID cust_account_id,
    v.STATUS_TRX status,
    v.INVOICE_CURRENCY_CODE invoice_currency_code,
    v.CUSTOMER_TRX_ID customer_trx_id,
    ra.CUST_TRX_TYPE_ID cust_trx_type_id,
    v.PURCHASE_ORDER purchase_order,
    v.WAYBILL_NUMBER waybill,
    ra_customer_trx_v v,
    ra_customer_trx ra,
    ar_payment_schedules ar
    v.customer_trx_id = ra.customer_trx_id(+) and
    v.customer_trx_id =ar.customer_trx_id (+) and
    ar.amount_due_remaining > 0 and
    ar.class = ‘INV’ and

  9. jawwad Says:

    r.description Product,
    sum(round((nvl(r.quantity_invoiced,0) * nvl(r.unit_selling_price,0)+nvl(r.tax_recoverable,0)))) Sales,
    sum(nvl(r.quantity_invoiced,0)) qty
    ra_customer_trx_lines_all r,
    mtl_parameters ship_from_org,
    hz_cust_site_uses_all ship_su,
    hz_party_sites ship_ps,
    hz_locations ship_loc,
    hz_cust_acct_sites_all ship_cas,
    hz_cust_site_uses_all bill_su,
    hz_party_sites bill_ps,
    hz_locations bill_loc,
    hz_cust_acct_sites_all bill_cas,
    hz_parties party,
    hz_cust_accounts cust_acct,
    ra_terms_tl term,
    oe_order_headers_all h,
    oe_order_lines_all l,
    hz_cust_account_roles sold_roles,
    hz_parties sold_party,
    hz_cust_accounts sold_acct,
    hz_relationships sold_rel,
    ar_lookups sold_arl,
    hz_cust_account_roles ship_roles,
    hz_parties ship_party,
    hz_relationships ship_rel,
    hz_cust_accounts ship_acct,
    ar_lookups ship_arl,
    hz_cust_account_roles invoice_roles,
    hz_parties invoice_party,
    hz_relationships invoice_rel,
    hz_cust_accounts invoice_acct,
    ar_lookups invoice_arl,
    fnd_currencies fndcur,
    oe_transaction_types_tl ot,
    qp_list_headers_tl pl,
    ra_rules invrule,
    ra_rules accrule
    r.interface_line_attribute6 = l.line_id(+) and
    h.header_id = l.header_id
    and h.order_type_id = ot.transaction_type_id
    AND h.price_list_id = pl.list_header_id(+)
    AND h.invoicing_rule_id = invrule.rule_id(+)
    AND h.accounting_rule_id = accrule.rule_id(+)
    AND h.payment_term_id = term.term_id(+)
    AND h.transactional_curr_code = fndcur.currency_code
    AND h.sold_to_org_id = cust_acct.cust_account_id(+)
    AND h.ship_from_org_id = ship_from_org.organization_id (+)
    AND h.ship_to_org_id = ship_su.site_use_id(+)
    AND ship_su.cust_acct_site_id= ship_cas.cust_acct_site_id(+)
    AND ship_cas.party_site_id = ship_ps.party_site_id(+)
    AND ship_loc.location_id(+) = ship_ps.location_id
    AND h.invoice_to_org_id = bill_su.site_use_id(+)
    AND bill_su.cust_acct_site_id= bill_cas.cust_acct_site_id(+)
    AND bill_cas.party_site_id = bill_ps.party_site_id(+)
    AND bill_loc.location_id(+) = bill_ps.location_id
    AND h.sold_to_contact_id = sold_roles.cust_account_role_id(+)
    AND sold_roles.party_id = sold_rel.party_id(+)
    AND sold_roles.cust_account_id = sold_acct.cust_account_id(+)
    AND nvl(sold_rel.object_id,-1) = nvl(sold_acct.party_id,-1)
    AND sold_rel.subject_id = sold_party.party_id(+)
    AND sold_arl.lookup_code(+) = sold_party.person_pre_name_adjunct
    AND h.ship_to_contact_id = ship_roles.cust_account_role_id(+)
    AND ship_roles.party_id = ship_rel.party_id(+)
    AND ship_roles.cust_account_id = ship_acct.cust_account_id(+)
    AND nvl(ship_rel.object_id,-1) = nvl(ship_acct.party_id,-1)
    AND ship_rel.subject_id = ship_party.party_id(+)
    AND ship_arl.lookup_code(+) = ship_party.person_pre_name_adjunct
    AND h.invoice_to_contact_id = invoice_roles.cust_account_role_id(+)
    AND invoice_roles.party_id = invoice_rel.party_id(+)
    AND invoice_roles.cust_account_id = invoice_acct.cust_account_id(+)
    AND nvl(invoice_rel.object_id,-1) = nvl(invoice_acct.party_id,-1)
    AND invoice_rel.subject_id = invoice_party.party_id(+)
    AND invoice_arl.lookup_code(+) = invoice_party.person_pre_name_adjunct
    and h.ordered_date between :SD and :ED
    –and h.order_number = 40803656
    –and l.flow_status_code =’CLOSED’
    group by
    to_char(h.ordered_date,’DD-Mon-yyyy’) ,r.description , ,
    order by

  10. Vamshi Krishna Says:

    how to link between ap_invoices_all and

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