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AR Adjustments : API – Sample code

Posted on September 5th, 2008 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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This is sample code that you can use for creating adjustment.This is tested while integrating with POS -Oracle Integration.

dgreybarrow Pre-requisite Setup
There should be You should take a note, API requires the following receivable activity setup:

  • GL Account Source must be Activity

dgreybarrow API documentation and Mapping

Here are API’S mapping and underline sample code. You can use this for creating adjustment through API’s.

Adjustment API user Guide

You can also download mapping sheet here: Download

dgreybarrowSample Code

1. If you are using Sql*plus or Toad , you set org_context

exec fnd_client_info.set_org_context(org_id);


exec fnd_client_info.set_org_context(121);

2. Sample Code, you can check latest version at irep.


up_adj_rec              ar_adjustments%rowtype;
up_api_name             VARCHAR2(20);
up_api_version          NUMBER;
up_called_from          VARCHAR2(10);
up_check_amount         VARCHAR2(1);
up_chk_approval_limits  VARCHAR2(1);
up_commit_flag          VARCHAR2(1);
up_init_msg_list        VARCHAR2(1);
up_move_deferred_tax    VARCHAR2(10);
up_msg_count            NUMBER;
up_msg_data             VARCHAR2(2000);
up_new_adjust_id        ar_adjustments.adjustment_id%type;
up_new_adjust_number    ar_adjustments.adjustment_number%type;
up_old_adjust_id        ar_adjustments.adjustment_id%type;
up_return_status        VARCHAR2(5);
up_validation_level     NUMBER;


fnd_global.apps_initialize(1290, 50283, 222);   

up_adj_rec              := NULL;
up_api_name             := NULL;
up_api_version          := 1.0;
up_called_from          := NULL;
up_check_amount         := NULL;
up_chk_approval_limits  := NULL;
up_commit_flag          := NULL;
up_init_msg_list        := FND_API.G_TRUE;
up_move_deferred_tax    := 'Y';
up_msg_count            := 0;
up_msg_data             := NULL;
up_new_adjust_id        := NULL;
up_new_adjust_number    := NULL;
up_old_adjust_id        := NULL;
up_return_status        := NULL;
up_validation_level     := FND_API.G_VALID_LEVEL_FULL;

/* api- data adjustments mapping record - start */

up_adj_rec.ACCTD_AMOUNT         := -300;        -- COLUMN A2
up_adj_rec.ADJUSTMENT_ID        := NULL;
up_adj_rec.ADJUSTMENT_NUMBER    := NULL;
up_adj_rec.ADJUSTMENT_TYPE      := 'M';                 
up_adj_rec.AMOUNT               := -300;         
up_adj_rec.CREATED_BY           := 1290;        
up_adj_rec.CREATION_DATE        := to_date('21-JUL-2008', 'DD-MON-YYYY');
up_adj_rec.GL_DATE              := to_date('21-JUL-2008', 'DD-MON-YYYY');
up_adj_rec.LAST_UPDATE_DATE     := SYSDATE;
up_adj_rec.LAST_UPDATED_BY      := 1290;
up_adj_rec.POSTING_CONTROL_ID   := -3;
up_adj_rec.SET_OF_BOOKS_ID      := 1001;
up_adj_rec.STATUS               := 'A';
up_adj_rec.TYPE                 := 'LINE';              
up_adj_rec.PAYMENT_SCHEDULE_ID  := 16061;               
up_adj_rec.APPLY_DATE           := SYSDATE;
up_adj_rec.RECEIVABLES_TRX_ID   := 1603;        -- this is rec activity
up_adj_rec.CODE_COMBINATION_ID  := 60810;       -- pass the CCID
up_adj_rec.CUSTOMER_TRX_ID      := 48208;       --- Transaction for which adjustment is made
-- up_adj_rec.ADJ_TAX_ACCT_RULE := 33;

/*  api- data adjustments mapping record - End */

p_api_name              => up_api_name,
p_api_version           => up_api_version,
p_init_msg_list         => up_init_msg_list,
p_commit_flag           => up_commit_flag,
p_validation_level      => up_validation_level,
p_msg_count             => up_msg_count,
p_msg_data              => up_msg_data,
p_return_status         => up_return_status,
p_adj_rec               => up_adj_rec,
p_chk_approval_limits   => up_chk_approval_limits,
p_check_amount          => up_check_amount,
p_move_deferred_tax     => up_move_deferred_tax,
p_new_adjust_number     => up_new_adjust_number,
p_new_adjust_id         => up_new_adjust_id,
p_called_from           => up_called_from,
p_old_adjust_id         => up_old_adjust_id

DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('New Adjustment Number: ' || up_new_adjust_number);
DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('New Adjustment ID: ' || up_new_adjust_id);

IF up_msg_count >=1 THEN
FOR I IN 1..up_msg_count LOOP
dbms_output.put_line(I||'. '||SUBSTR(FND_MSG_PUB.Get(p_encoded => FND_API.G_FALSE ), 1, 255));


Once record get successfully created you will get adjustment id.

3. Final Verification

Go to Oracle pull the transaction detials and click the ‘Adjust’ button.

You can see adjustment created.

ajustment APPLIED

dgreybarrowOracle Documentation

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