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APP-AR-96981: Maximum Write-Off amount not set

When the user user try to apply a "Receipt Write-off" to the a receipt , the system did not allow to do , and throw the error: APP-AR-96982:

Support IT can find the total total write-off amount is already setup with range still donot understand why this error message .

In such case, You often setup the approval limit but this is required to setup the The Maximum Write-Off Amount on System Option form . Once you are able to setup , you can use this function.

Receipt Write-off Maximum System Limit
You can define the system level Maximum Write-off Amount for a single receipt in your functional currency.

No users can write off unapplied receipt amounts that are greater than the system maximum - even if their user limits allow it.

Therefore the system maximum overrides user approval limits when necessary.

Navigation: Setup>System>System Options (T) Miscellaneous

The Receipt Write-Off amount is determined from all write-off activities for the user on the receipt.