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R12 : Suppliers & Trading Community Architecture

Posted on November 26th, 2007 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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Read this :

In earlier post,we have seen supplier has been moved into TCA model. Comparing to 11i version, three new AP tables containing supplier unique data been introduced. They have the links to TCA tables:


And more important we understood three old PO Vendors tables obsolete, by Views provided for backward compatibility

Here is data model .This will really helps to understand while designing integration with EBS R12.


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9 Responses
  1. Manish Says:

    I wanted to know which API can be used to update the supplier name.

    As I understand you can create a supplier using POS_VENDOR_PUB_PKG.create_vendor.

    However, when I use POS_VENDOR_PUB_PKG.update_vendor to update supplier name. IT’s not happening.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Sanjit Anand Says:

    which version you are doing

    More over R12 this API is not supporting by oracle.

    i am not sure , for supplier name,I have used direct base table(po_vendors) update in one of such requirement.

    Check POS_VENDOR_PUB_PKG.update_vendor in irep.

  3. k.srinivas Says:

    This is giving brief idea about r12. It is very nice.

  4. Manish Says:

    Use HZ_PARTY_V2PUB.update_organization.

    Since TCA architecture is involved the above procedure can be used.

    please let me know if this works.

  5. ashish Says:

    do you have interface/api to import vendors, banks in AP in R12.

  6. Trading Community Architecture (TCA) 101 | OracleApps Epicenter Says:

    […] Here are Technical details for R12 Supplier in TCA. You can also refer old post for more details. […]

  7. Anil Bejugam Says:

    So Nice, gr8 Job S Anand, This very useful for tehnical and funtional ppl.

  8. Ramakrishna Narayanam Says:


    In 12i (R12) environment When i create Supplier site level attributes where the information will be stored.

    Is it in AP_SUPPLIER_SITES table or HZ_PARTY_SITES table

    Please comment on this one

  9. Nikhil Says:

    I am creating a supplier site for existing supplier from back end.

    For this, I am creating the replica of the existing site in my custom table having exactly same fields with different value for VENDOR_SITE_CODE and VENDOR_SITE_CODE_ALT.

    After importing that record to AP_SUPPLIER_SITES_INT, I am importing it using seeded import procedure.

    All fields get copied as per old site record but the “Address purpose” check boxes at front end are seen unchecked also there is no record found in HZ_PARTY_SITE_USES table for that new created site; even if I set the PURCHASE_SITE_FLAG & PAY_SITE_FLAG to ‘Y’, while creating the record.

    Is there any front end setup to be done or any other procedure?

    Please help me out.

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