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Payable open interface and WithHolding Tax

When you are attempting to run Payables Open Interface Import and populated AWT related information, you might get the following error occurs.
"Line type cannot be AWT"

If you get this , donot get panic, this is intended functionality i.e Open Interface Import will not import invoices with an invoice type (INVOICE_TYPE_LOOKUP_CODE) of AWT (automatic withholding tax).

you can refer AP user guide(Part No. B25454-01) pg no 3-152

However you can have the Import process to calculate the withholding tax for the ITEM lines you are importing.

If you want to import invoices that include withholding information, you have these options:

  1. You can enter an INVOICE with the AWT_GROUP_ID or AWT_GROUP_NAME populated in AP_INVOICES_INTERFACE table, The withholding tax group you identify in this table (AWT_GROUP_ID or AWT_GROUP_NAME) is used to assign a withholding tax group to a line only if you do not identify one for the invoice in one of the following columns: AP_INVOICE_LINES_INTERFACE.AWT_GROUP_ID or
  2. Or you can just populate directly the AP_INVOICE_LINES_INTERFACE.AWT_GROUP_ID or AP_INVOICE_LINES_INTERFACE.AWT_GROUP_NAME for the ITEM line that you are importing.
  3. Or, if you setup the supplier site with Withholding information, then the Import process will inherit that information and create the invoices with the corresponding withholding lines.

You can refer back to old post [1] for technical details. you can check some of old post on the subject.

PS: to make your legacy & AP tax calculation in sync please have AP & legacy tax structure same & for concern wrt decimal point you can set required Precision in Tax Financial option.