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Get use of “Oracle Diagnostics” Available with Products

Posted on April 29th, 2008 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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Do you know :

  • Closing the accounting period within a specific timeframe for any business is Important
  • Sometime failing to close the accounting period due to accounting exceptions will delay the overall fiscal close process

Lets take a case, how many of us aware of these problem reported during month end or during normal daily activity by account department . Lets list some of the common problem them from payables:

  • Unable to Close Period
  • Accounting Fatal Error
  • Accounting Invalid Account Error
  • Unable to account invoice/payment
  • Journal Import Errors
  • Duplicate Accounting Entry Created For a Payment
  • Paid Invoices Appearing on the Trial Balance
  • Orphan Accounting Data
  • Can’t Confirm a payment batch
  • Invoice not selected for payment
  • Invoice does not have account
  • Balance AP to GL
  • Final Closing
  • Can’t Confirm a payment batch
  • Preliminary closing
  • Invalid account
  • Deadlock in Payables Accounting Process ORA-00060: deadlock detected while waiting for resource occurred in …AP_ACCOUNTING_MAIN_PKG.Create_Accounting_Entry
  • Accounting Exceptions Sweeping

What next …finding notes on metalink or raise a SR with Oracle,with the assumption they can fix this. Did you ever realized how many hours or days it takes in resolution. Therefore very similar to FirstAid in our daily life during emergency, why not utilize Oracle Diagnostics.

Payables currently has 15 diagnostics as part of Oracle Diagnostic based out of all common issues faced in earlier releases.

double-arrow About Oracle Diagnostic

Lets recap , based out of one earlier post regarding Oracle Support Diagnostics which designed to improve:

•Resolving configuration and data issues that would cause processes to fail
•Resolving problems without the need to contact Oracle Support
•Reduction in Resolution time by minimizing the time spent to resolve an issue

Typically Oracle Diagnostic consist of

  • Diagnostic tests : This provided as part of the Oracle Support Diagnostics patch gather and analyze information from your E-Business Suite
  • Results : This display the information gathered, the findings of the analysis and appropriate actions to take if necessary
  • Tests : The good is that these do not alter data or setup.
  • Purpose : These have clear purpose for automation that ensure after successful installation

double-arrow What are the Oracle Diagnostics Available in AP

Very similar to other products, Payable does have three major Diagnostics

  1. Setup Diagnostics
  2. Activity Diagnostics
  3. Data Collection Diagnostics

With in Setup Diagnostics of AP , these areas are covered:

  • 1099 -This test normally used to verify and display 1099 setup details in AP.
  • General -This test will verify and display basic setup details as outlined in the ‘Setting Up’ chapter of the Payables User Guide. If you are doing setup configuration, you try to take this test.
  • Internet Expense User Setup -If you are doing iexpense setup , then running this test will validate and display the Oracle Internet Expense setup for an employee and corresponding underline details.

With in Activity Diagnostics of AP , these areas are covered:

  • 1099 Missing Invoice -This test will verify why a particular invoice was not picked up in a 1099 report.
  • Accounting -This test will diagnose why an invoice, payment or payment clearing transaction will not account . This will also find some other conditions like dependent events.
  • Checkrun Selection -This test will assist in identifying why an invoice is not being selected in a checkrun
  • Data Integrity Analysis -This test provides a series of tests to check the data integrity of all supplier invoices and checks.
  • Internet Expense Report Status -This test will display details and identify problems for a specific expense report
  • Mass Additions -This test verifies if a given invoice or invoice distribution line meets the conditions to be transferred to Oracle Assets when running Mass Additions Create.
  • Payment Batch Status -This test will validate a payment batch .
  • Payment Document -This test will validate the setup for a specific payment document
  • Period Closing -This test will help in determining if a period can be closed and if not, why it cannot be closed.
  • Trial Balance -This test will identify and report common problems for invoice(s) appearing or not appearing on the trial balance

With in Data Collection Diagnostics of AP , these key areas are covered:

  • For Invoice-This diagnostic test will display ALL of the data for ALL of the tables used to process an invoice in Payables.
  • Open Interface -This test is designed to display all related interface data for a specified invoice interfaced from Oracle source applications or a 3rd-party (legacy) source.

Most important,the reports which appears after running the scripts also have the required patch set information. These diagnostics were created from manual/standalone SQL scripts that Oracle normally providing during data fixing and data collection process against a particular SR. Indeed really good collaborative approach.

double-arrow Best Practices

  • To prevent issues always check status of periods in sub ledgers
  • Clear all the exceptions
  • Get use of Period end Exception Report – If user want some additional column enhance the reports.

double-arrow Period Close Exception Report

This report will shows ALL exceptions that would prevent a period from being closed:

  • Unaccounted Transactions
  • Untransferred Journal Entries
  • Unconfirmed Payment Batches
  • Unmatured Future Dated Payments

You will notice this report got enhanced ( in 11.5.10/Family Pack F). The new improved Payables Accounting Process report covers the error message section. It has also added section to the end of the Payables Accounting Process Report output to show what transactions could not be accounted by the process. And included in that section a comment to see the corresponding transaction number in the log file to see why the accounting could not be created

Therefore.. Lets the end user/core user know how and when to use these tools to address such of problem on daily basis or during closure time and make a better experience with EBS.

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